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Third Primary Vaccine

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Right, here we go. . Just had an email from my Rheumatologist department answering my email pointing out that the letter from them, which I think many of us are now getting, doesn't help as on line and 119 wont work. So she said yes, there has been some confusion BUT I should take my letter from them to my local walk in centre and they will give me the jab!

I have emailed back to see if there us any advice about missing my methotrexate but I'm going to anyway... will let you know how I go on but sounds like this us the route to take 💉

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Good luck Ginny and seems like you’ve got it all sorted out. Creaky Joints website had a good section about holding meds when getting the vaccines. x

I have been trying the online link, thinking it might eventually kick in. Maybe It never will. At least I am not the only one.

Clear as mud!

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GinnyE in reply to Moomin8

Yes saw this when it came out. The British Rheumatology Society has issued guidance saying ALL on immunosuppressive drugs should have third vaccine and that's why my Rheumatologist has oked it and sent me the letter. They also nattered to each other whilst I was on the phone and said their advice was to continue with my methotrexate as normal, hmmm. And the walk in centre should be able to deal with computer!! Going soon...

My GP said - after some discussion - that if unlikely to flare, stop medication. My rheumatologist - going through a third party general administrator message service so no ability to discuss properly nor convinced they understood - said do not stop medication. Had third jab and told by three (assume all NHS) people at centre the booster and third jab are one and the same. Total confusion from top to bottom.....

Well done. You got there! Just will to wait and see if I hear now as nothing so far.

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