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I think that I have a cough now that is chronic. Maybe it is inflammation in the lungs from my RA. I try not to cough but sometimes I just have to and everyone scatters in fear of covid. Anyone else desperately trying not to cough?

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Yes all the time, makes things very awkward in these covid times. Ive had a chronic cough for a few yrs now, i think mine is due to post nasal drip and having very dry nose and mouth. It always feels more upper respiatory than lung issue.😊

Have you had it checked out? A chronic cough needs investigating!Certainly I move away from anyone who is coughing.

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smilelines in reply to oldtimer

I have mentioned it but I think my doctor just thinks it is RA related and there is nothing to be done.

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CripLady in reply to smilelines

Unfortunately many GPs put EVERYTHING down to RA once you have it… Still ask for an investigation… s/he is not a Rheumatologist.

I have Brochectasis and it makes me cough too. A nuisance but harmless. If my chest crackles then it usually means an infection and I do have antibiotics in my cupboard for that occasion. I did wonder if I went on a bus people will people scatter.? xx

At least you’d get a seat as the other passengers avoided you!

Around here buses run on empty most of the day. So silly with double deckers with 2/3 people on. And they plan for people to use buses to get to work so have cut down on the number of car spaces for new homes its now one and a half. But does anyone have half a car ??? Only time buses are full is the school run buses which go to another village. The planned new houses even have to have have a device inside which tells them when the next bus is due ! the planners have now gone mad.

I was gob smacked yesterday..I drove home on a new route & saw they are building houses on fields that have been under water every winter for the last 15 winters to my certain knowledge! How do they get planning permission?

Maybe they are offering a free dinghy with every property?

Around her they are looking at the SSI and RAMSAR areas. No where is safe and it's a huge land grab.

Thankfully where I have just moved to I am situated next to a couple of fields belonging to a listed house….so we are “supposedly” safe !But those little brown envelopes are so tempting aren’t they?

Oh yes and house may be listed but the land ?? it's changing the face of Britain. xx

Apparently the land is protected too…but in fact it’s probably not big enough for a major builder to be interested…….& I wouldn’t really mind a few houses as they couldn’t come too close as the trees at the end of my plot have preservation orders on them….but as I say those little brown envelopes seem to outweigh local planning regulations.

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Egpa in reply to medway-lady

Yes they do and tell you that you should not be out. I has bronceactsis and asthma, even before covid I got starred , I answered back one day ops think the person felt very small after. What a shame.

Your GP shouldn’t just assume it’s RA related. Please go back and get it checked out and investigated.

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Ok. Thanks!

I also have the annoying cough! My rheumatology consultant ordered a CT scan which showed mild interstitial lung disease, apparently this is common with RA but she has now referred me for a lung function test as well. It’s definitely a good idea to push for getting it checked out!

I have had a cough since 2014!! 2 xrays clear, CT scan shows very mild ILD. My lung function is good.I have also been told it could be related to GERD so I have had a short treatment to see if it helps. I would definitely go back to doctors, if I hadn’t been persistent then I wouldn’t have know!

Yes, I have a very annoying cough , I also have very dry mouth , just thought it was from that .Should really get it checked out 🙄🙄🙄

I have had a chronic cough too for many years but due to asthma, COPD and now scarring of lungs caused by RA. I have never smoked. It is productive in the morning but improves throughout the day but I'm prone to chest infections requiring steroids and antibiotics. I do hope that you get to the bottom of what is causing yours. Take care. xx

I had a cough, sore ears and glands which was persistent. I was checked out for asthma but turned out to be sjogrins syndrome which can be related to RA. Ask you doctor if your cough doesn’t go away. I hate coughing in public but I can’t help it especially in the morning everyone looks at me as if I have two heads lol

Make a recording on your phone and send it to your doc! Make tech work on your side 🌺

Ah bless you, I know what you mean, I’ve got a terrible cough that is not going away after Covid 🙈 I went into work one day last week and the CEO asked me to go back home to work… even though I’d done a lateral flow test that morning before going to work, also explained I’ve had Covid last month and had both jabs.. just had a common cold 🤷‍♀️

Take care



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