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Good Morning everyone.

I have been on Methotrexate now for 12 weeks along with Sulfazalazine and Folic Acid 6 days. I started on 15mg of Mtx but on the advice of my Rhumey Nurse, reduced the dose to 10mg as I was getting severe headaches, this reduction of the dose seems to be working as I have not had a headache for 2 weeks now and my joints so far have continued to be pain free with a lot less inflammation, I am glad to say as I was worried by reducing the dose I was setting myself up for lots of nasty flares. but fingers x this seems not to be the case so far.

I have however developed an annoying and troublesome cough, that has been with me since, 3/4 weeks into the Methotrexate treatment. It does not keep me awake at night but starts as soon as I wake up and is with me through the day, my husband thinks that's its actually getting worse as the weeks go by. So my question is has any of you guys experienced the same kind of cough and could this be a side effect of the methotrexate??

I am due to see my Nurse this week so it will be something I mention in my appointment with her.

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Hi, I do think you should get some advice about this, when I first started MTX, I was told that this was something to watch out for. It may well be nothing serious, but you should get it checked.

Hope you get rid of it soon, and the MTX works well for you. M x


Please get it checked. I developed MTX induced pneumonitis after a few weeks on MTX. I had a cough and then got very breathless. Got an urgent appointment with my rheumy and I was the first case he had come across. I was put on steroids and anti biotics which cleared everything up, and I was taken off MTX immediately.

Just to add these are well known side effects of this drug, but fairly rare, but please do get it checked just in case.


Yes, get checked out. MTX can affect lungs. But so can RA/RD too. Then again everyone is coughing at the moment in my area!

I had to have a chest X ray before starting MTX. When I developed chest problems I was tested for all sorts. But it was neither RA or MTX related. It was flipping Asthma!


A persistent cough is listed in the MTX patient information leaflet as something that should be reported immediately to your doctor as it could be an indication of a lung infection. Not something you should leave, especially if you've had it some weeks & appears to be worsening as it could develop so I would report that tomorrow & not leave it until you see your Rheumy nurse.


Thank you for your replies.

Like I said I do have an appointment with my Nurse on Thursday but will get a doctors appointment tomorrow to get it checked out.



If it as me I get it checked out


I developed Bronchiectasis some time after starting MTX. So definitely get it checked out. xx


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