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Hi, does anyone else suffer from cramping under their feet and up the front of their legs? I drink a tonic water everyday which has been helping but I wondered is this cramping related to RA?

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Hi cross2 . Yes this happens to me . I was told it’s a number if things . Active RA is part of it also ligament inflammation along side foot structure changes. I saw a podiatrist and had insoles made . This made a difference day to day . Getting the right medication for you is the most important thing. Contact your clinic and let them know. Feet seem so neglected by rheumatologists we need to push . Epsom salts baths can help . I also take a magnesium supplement.

I have been taking magnesium supplements and got some leg and foot stretches from my podiatrist (I also had plantar fasciitis) and currently cramp free. Alternatively I many years ago was recommended walking in the swimming pool(water depth needs to be no higher than waist height to avoid straining upper body).

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cross2 in reply to Tkat10

Thank you I’ll ask my doc about magnesium tabs. Blessings

Yes, just on the right foot, heat helps.I also get cramping in my arms and shoulders, all RA related.

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Yeh my fingers cramp occasionally too. So painful as least we can allMoan and sympathise together. Take care

I do especially in my osteo foot but I’ve always had foot cramp despite being an athlete before RA. It’s worse now when it’s rainy for a few days (as it is at present!) and very cold sub zero. I find if I’m standing for any length of time it’s worse.

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Yes I agee Standing around too long makes my feet cramp. I find tonic water helps a little

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Neonkittie17 in reply to cross2

The quinine in it is the reason, I believe.

I get that sometimes but more down the backs of my legs and in my toes. It’s flippin agony. It’s def the RA but it’s much better if I make sure I’m drinking plenty of water and stretching the muscles out when I can

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Thanks. I live in a very hot country and am continually drinking water. Try a tin Of tonic water it helps me a bit.

Thank you for your reply. I can’t take Vitamin D brings me out in an Itchy rash so it’s not that but I’ll talk to myDoc about magnesium. Have a great day

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