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I am suffering more with cramps in my arms , legs and stomach, i wonder if anyone else has this problem or an explanation, i would be grateful for any help, Thanks

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Have you tried drinking tonic water? My doc suggested it when I got awful cramp in legs.

Hi macken

Yes I do. I tend to get them mainly in my legs, and I have put it down to the fact that I’ve been going to the gym a lot due to spinal injury and needing to regain muscle.

However, I am on a lazy holiday at the moment and it’s been worse than ever, so I don’t know. Have decided to go see the doc when I get back. I usually (well, sometimes) take magnesium, potassium and zinc when at home. Not sure if it helps though.

I might try the tonic water suggestion to see if that helps.


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Gnarli in reply to PFKAAde

It's the Indian tonic water you need as it has quinine in it

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PFKAAde in reply to Gnarli

With or without gin?

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Oooh but that would be so good. I did like a gnt. Gin is having a bit of a 'moment' isn't it and there are loads of craft gins out there. I don't take spirits anymore, unfortunately, as on MTX but if you can, why not?


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PFKAAde in reply to Gnarli

Ha, to be honest I’m not a gin drinker (or spirits in general). I’ll stick to the tonic.


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PFKAAde in reply to PFKAAde

Have been to shop and bought tonic water - doesn’t say Indian and label in Italian - but luckily it has quinine.

Will let you know if it helps.


Recently I have been suffering leg cramps practically every day - as soon as I wake up in the morning, it starts in the toes of my left leg and goes up through my foot and ankle into my calf, and sometimes even into my inner thigh. Strangely, it only affects one leg! Anyways, I was told yesterday that my routine DMARD blood tests show reduced sodium levels, and after consulting Dr Google, I am wondering if that could be a factor in the cramps. I have to stop one of my blood pressure meds for a week to see if that makes a difference, as they contain a diuretic.

I had already been wondering if I was a bit dehydrated, which I think can be linked to cramps - I am aware that I just seem to be drinking less lately, so am consciously trying to drink more water.

Otherwise, I had been thinking about consulting a Physio to see if exercise would help, especially as it is pretty much confined that my left foot/leg, and I’m wondering if it is connected to residual discomfort following 4 broken toes a year ago.

Have you spoken to your GP or rheumy about this?

Well, thank you 😊 to those who mentioned tonic water, it actually has made a huge difference.

I’ve been putting up with this for months / years so I’m quite pleased to have found something that helps.

Thanks again.


Hi, I also get cramps, but more so in my legs, especially when layed down in bed, I had to get up the other night could hardly walk downstairs, but hot water bottle round my leg, had a cup of tea, an hour later, leg began to feel a bit better can't explain it. Hope you don't get many cramps so painful, 😂

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Usually this is due to sodium levels going low, don’t drink tea as your kidneys have to work harder to clear it from you system. Which will take down sodium. Drink a glass of water and take something a little salty such as a palm full of salted peanuts. This will help put the sodium back into your system, it’s a bit like cramp treatment. I was told about this by a Personal Trainer hope this helps. Good luck

Hi all for the replies and advice, i will certainly try tonic water, wether or i not i put a gin in it is still in the

Thanks again all

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