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Excellent F2F rheumy appointment...

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Very pleased that the Tocilizumab is working so well for me. I will be reviewed again in 4-5 months and if all is still going well regular appointments will stop. I will still see the biologic nurse of course, but only see the consultant if and when needed.

I was told to enjoy a full life, make sure I continue to exercise and eat well, but to be mindful that this may not last.... Well, we all know that, don't we.

If RA has taught me anything, it is to make the most of and enjoy every moment of the good times.

I hope all those who are still suffering soon find the magic medication that gives them back a 'good' life, its remarkable when it happens.

Go gently through the days and nights....

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Hi BW - so good to hear that Tocilixumab is helping you. I hope the good life lasts a long time. Well said about enjoying things, it’s so easy to worry about the future and miss the present, ss.

Such good news - long may it last! 🎉

Amazing news. Enjoy!

That's great news. So pleased for you. I hope that it works for a long time- I've been on Cimzia for 7 years and it's made such a difference to my life.Yes- as you say, make the best of the good times!

Great news!

Great news, enjoy your new found freedom.

Brilliant news xx

That's great news Brushwork and long may it continue for you. x

Made my day 😁so pleased for you x

Excellent! Tocilizumab is going to be the next wonder (prednisone sparing) drug! I’m hearing and reading really good things about it and so far, the word is that it works long term—years!! 🤞🏼🤞🏼

So, get out and hug your beloved ones, smell the roses 🌹 and dance 💃🏻 🕺.

I always say,”Every day is a good day, some days are better!” 💐🎯😀


So pleased for you Brushwork, you deserve it.

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