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Astra Zeneca Jab


Hello everyone, I haven´t posted for ages, but have a question. I live in Spain and I am 65 years old. I have been offered an AstraZeneca vaccine this Friday, I´m a bit nervous because of the risks involved. What are your thoughts please?

Thanks in advance, stay safe xx

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Hi I would take it reluctantly take it if i was you

Most of the side effects are

Sore arm ,small fever ,headache,

We have to put our trust in them ,at this stage ,i wish i went for the pifiser

Hope it goes ok for you if you take it

I’ve had it apart from the usual few off days I’ve been absolutely fine. Same for my hubby / sisters and their husbands.

Covid is a bigger risk especially in your age group. It's the under 29's that seems to be a problem but even then the risk is extremely small. I'm one of a few dozen people to have a reaction against a very common medication worldwide. The risk was so small I'd still have taken it. These things happen but fortunately rarely, but with over 130, 000 dead in the UK from Covid to me its a no brainer.

Knip in reply to medway-lady

Great answer Medway lady! Stay safe and well.

Haz58 in reply to medway-lady

Totally agree Medway-lady! I felt tired for 36 hours after the Astra Zeneca but that was all. Well worth it I say. The figures show it is such a small risk and in younger ones as you say. Every medicine holds risks, if we read the very rare side effects on all of them we wouldn’t take any medication at all.

Every single authority advises us to be vaccinated. At 65 Susie is approaching the age where there is a significant risk if she catches Covid, and we have no idea whether she has other conditions.

I think it is highly inappropriate for anyone on a forum to advise against vaccination.

Londinium in reply to helixhelix

We were asked by Susiespain, "What are your thoughts please?"

So please offer your thoughts politely to SusieSpain, and I'll offer mine politely. That's what adults do. They offer their thoughts, and they ponder, discuss and converse. They don't try to silence and censor someone whose opinion may differ from their own.

helixhelix in reply to Londinium

I did. And I also politely made an observation on your thoughts, which is what discussions are.

allanah in reply to Londinium

Again .......

Neonkittie17 in reply to allanah

😑 xx

Many people with an immune mediated response are low in Vit D. Correlation doesn’t equal causation.

bpeal1 in reply to Ontwowheels

Ontwowheels well said. You might enjoy reading one of my favourite scientific studies! It demonstrates your point rather well.

In your own life you are free to decide to actively maintain Optimal serum levels of Vit D3... or not. You get to decide for your own self. So decide wisely. And good luck with whatever you decide.

I was replying to your assertion that people in ITU were found to be low in Vit D. My point was, were they low because of Covid or prior to Covid. We are unable to determine this so can only say there is a association with low Vit D. By all means take Vitamin D but not as a substitute for a vaccine. The evidence doesn’t support it.

There is a lot of info/data re Vit D3 and the major significance and benefit to the immune system that Vit D3 has.

I'm not interested in getting tangled in a circular convo about Vit D3, injections, vaccinations, etc.

Good luck with whatever you decide for your own self.

My sister who is your age with an auto immune disease has had her AZ vaccine with no problems. As have many others in a similar age bracket that I know of. I happened to have a different vaccine (moderna) but would have taken AZ if that was what was offered.

I know for myself that having been vaccinated has actually made me feel much calmer and more confident. I no longer flinch when anyone comes near me!

It's preferable to the option, if you're unfortunate enough to contract it. RD & lungs can be a bad mix & having had lung problems it wasn't a big think for me to have it. I also had the Astra Zeneca vaccine & the only thing I experienced was what felt like a bruise around the injection site for around a fortnight, no actual bruise. I guess it just depends on how it's administered. As ever though take the advice given by your Rheumy. He knows your personal circumstances.

I'm intrigued though, what risks are you thinking of? It's just we're considered to be at greater risk if we don't have it, more so over 60's, so if it's side effects of concern it's not something you can predict but I don't believe any will be as bad as having Covid, not for long either but of course that's me not having had any saying that.

I hope you make the right decision for you & please don't pay heed to conspiracy theorists. 😊

Knip in reply to nomoreheels

I personally, whilst not wishing to offer advice to anyone else, feel that every single drug carries a risk, even paracetamol. I have had dangerous side effects from several RA drugs in the past but I was still happy to continue trying other RA meds. It didn't put me off. I had the Astra Zeneca vaccination, because of the very high risk of being gravely ill or dying if I contract the virus itself. The only advice I would give is that if in doubt discuss the issue with your RA consultant.

At your age, statistically, your risk from Covid is far higher than the risk of the AZ vaccine.

allanah in reply to Potatos

Indeed . More chance of getting caught in a car crash! but its stage 4 trials so they will investigate any differences. read the rare effects of paracetamol which is disallowed in the usa!!

Supporting the immune system and having the vaccination are not mutually exclusive. I happily take the vitamin D provided by the government but was over the moon to accept the vaccine provided too.

Londinium in reply to Potatos

So you're using one of those 3 things that I mentioned, and you also chose to have the injection too. You're an adult, and you decided for yourself.👍 I'm all for that.

helixhelix in reply to Potatos

Absolutely. Completely agree with you.

Totally disagree

Hello Susie. I’m 67 and have had the two doses of the Astra Zeneca vaccine. I’m so glad as I know my risk of not surviving Covid was very high without the vaccination. My side effects were minimal. I’m feeling much more confident now but still being careful and also supporting my immune system.

allanah in reply to Lolabridge


Have the vaccine Susie , nobody want to contract that awful dangerous virus that completely destroys your lungs and body . I’m 68 and I’ve had mine , my first dose. Makes me feel safer .

Is it the blood clot reports that are concerning you? It's understandable if so, given how certain newspapers have reported on it. But here are a few stats:

The risk of this type of rare blood clot works out at one in 250,000, or 0.0004%


• Pulmonary embolism, or clotting on the lungs, occurs in 7.8% of people who have COVID-19

• Deep vein thrombosis (DVT), or clotting in the legs, occurs in 11.2% of people who have COVID-19

• Of those who have COVID-19 and end up in an intensive therapy unit (ITU), 23% will have some form of clot

• COVID-19 causes strokes in 1.6% of people

• Up to 30% of people who have COVID-19 will get thrombocytopenia, which is a lowering of the platelet count.


If it's the side effects that are off-putting, I did have some - I felt rubbish for a couple of weeks to be totally honest. But I'm very happy I had the vaccine and will go back for my second dose.

Don't worry - get protected xx

allanah in reply to LoneEra


I’ve had my first AZ vaccine and feel happier for it.

Iv had the AZ jab 2 weeks ago Iv been fine no side affects at all or a sore arm 😉

Seriously?we have RA typos are very possible. And should be understandable. I dont mind opinions but no need for any pointimg them out

Had my first jab a few weeks ago .... not even a sore arm. Everyone is different but I believe the benefits outweigh any risks.

My wife who has a rare Auto Immune Disease and had a stroke 6 years ago at the age of 56 and has been left parallelised completely on the left side nearly bit the nurses hand off to have her AZ vaccine. She has now had both and was absolutely fine and is super excited after a year of shielding and without fear, looking forward to a huge cuddle from the grandchildren next week. As her full time carer I had my second jab yesterday and also feel fine, I have AF.

Hi Susiespain. As others have said, the risk of death, serious illness or long Covid if you catch the disease is massively higher than the risk of getting blood clots from the AZ vaccine, especially at your age (or mine - I'm 58). I actually had a routine blood test about a week after my first jab, which showed sufficient changes for me to be convinced my immune response is working, but no changes of concern.

It is certainly true that many people are deficient in D3 and other nutrients so many people will benefit from boosting these levels. However D3 is less likely to be a problem for you, living in Spain, and I believe even D3 can cause issues if you have an excess, so be cautious and perhaps have your levels checked first.

The other issue to consider regarding whether or not to have the vaccination is that boosting your own vitamin and mineral intake may well improve your chances of avoiding serious illness if you catch Covid-19. It won't reduce your risk of catching it in the first place, and will probably have very little impact on your ability to spread it to others (who may not have good nutrient levels). So if too few people take the vaccine, then this disease will never be under control.

In the end, it is your choice, of course, but I have had my first AZ jab and will definitely take my second as soon as it is offered

Ascidian in reply to Ascidian

Sorry, Susiespain. Just seen your newer post saying you have decided to take the vaccine - I'm always a day behind!!

I think this article from the BBC gives a good balanced view.

AstraZeneca vaccine: How do you weigh up the risks and benefits?

Me aged 41 my husband (39) my daughter aged 21(heart problems) have all had our first dose of the Astra vaccine.

My daughter got a headache for a day.

I felt a little odd but was able to carry on with my normal activities. ..And perhaps a little more tired than usual.

My husband had nothing except a sore arm which we all had.

I’m quite happy for my 21 year old daughter to have the second dose, but wondering if they will let her now. I hope the do, as her risk of Covid is higher than this small clot risk...Does anyone know if there has been anything said about under 29s who have already had their first dose?

My thoughts are that EVERYONE should definitely have whichever vaccine they can get their hands on! I feel we are extremely lucky that so many of us are getting some form of protection to this horrible virus.

All the best to you and let us know how you get on.


bpeal1 in reply to Ssmart

On the BBC news last night they said all those that had had their first dose should still receive their second.

I had the first one in February and no problems , everyone is different, we respond to things differently. I think we all take chances with whichever vaccines you have. Its your choice at the end of the day. We can only hope we make the right choice for us. If your worried ask your nurse or Dr, I spoke to my Nurse as I was concerned about all the meds I was on and she said she advised all her RA patients it’s the way forward for them.

Good luck, keep safe

Take it with gratitude! My symptoms flared up a bit after but I took that as a sign it had actually done something. Covid is a much greater threat to all of society

I would get it - and I’ve looked at all the data available in detail. It will save you from death/hospitalization and is highly efficacious. In terms of risk, compare it against many meds commonly taken and blood clots, etc and it’s actually far lower. My honest opinion? The Brits are downplaying this too much, but the Europeans are being insane in the other direction. But, in terms of risk, it’s actually quite low vs. get getting COVID. And, frankly, they are now on the lookout as are people and blood clots are treatable if caught (talking worst case scenario.) I get your concerns though!

Bigger risk of Covid and clots from that . In elderly it’s ok .

Hi, I had my first AZ jab 5 days ago. It slowed me down for 3-4 days, more than usually sleepy, and a one night of very mild fever. With 4 high health risks I am relieved to see some return to normality in the not too distant future.Take it, the relief to anxiety it offers and outweighs any artificially induced angst about the vaccine itself.

Take care

Lucky you in the sunshine! Does living their help with your ra? Unfortunately we don't really have a choice of jab, i think you just have to go for it...... I was advised to take paracetamol and antihistamines for the day you have it and the next. Good luck to you x


I would advise to have the vaccination - it’s been pointed out that your risk from COVID-19 is far greater than any risk from the Astra Zeneca vaccine. Listening to BBC radio 4 right now and experts on the talk show advising the same thing, have the injection.

I’ve had both Phizer injections ( December, February ) and my wife has had the Astra Zeneca injection ( March ), neither of us have suffered any

ill effects. We also have been taking vitamin D for many years.

I have had the Astra zeneca jab and am now waiting for second. Am in my early 70's. Some small side effects but nothing to worry about. Due to health I am grateful to have either vaccination. I live in England, which might have influenced my thinking. Take care. x

In the UK it is still being used...I just listened to MH & he said AZ vaccinations have not been stopped.....but a choice is now being given to those under 30 to choose a different vaccine if they so wish ...but the AZ is still considered safe for all other age groups.So really it is a personal choice.

Every scientist involved with Covid vaccinations says the risk of contracting Covid is far too dangerous not to take the vaccination.You can Take all the vitamins you like to support your system ...but please take the vaccination when might not be the only one affected...if you catch it...think of the loved ones you could infect before you know you’ve got it.

Hi Susie

I have RA (take hydroxychloroquine, methotrexate and Amgevita to manage it) and 4 weeks ago had the Astra Zeneca vaccination with no side effects at all.... so did my husband. I was happy to take it in order to improve my survival odds if I am unlucky enough to contract Covid 👍 Second dose can’t come soon enough for me. I also take vitamin D and B12 supplements in a bid to stay well.

Hi, I had mine in February it was fine, little bit of the cold symptoms following day but apart from that all ok 👍


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