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Vaccines, or not, incl flu jabs

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Anyone of a certain age will be encouraged by their doctor to have a vaccine. Anyone with RA will be encouraged earlier in life!

Right now there is are some videos streaming purporting to explain that vaccines are not necessarily a good thing. This is primarily to do with the way the vaccine is "stabalised" which is by delivering it with various metals, these might be mercury or aluminium.

If you are taking vaccines, did your doctor mention even these metals that your body has no mechanism to get rid of?

I had one a flu jab a year ago. My doctor told me nothing about any possible side-effects. I was given no leaflet about it. I was given no information whatsoever. Now I know there are issues, not least I have read that any flu jab is at best 50% effective. Hmm.

Anyway if you are interested in some of the potential issues...

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The flu jab was explained to me as an "educated guess". Apparently the medical profession makes an educated guess to what strain of flu will hit this up coming year. Strain A, B or C . When they believe that Strain A of the flu virus will attack, they produce the shot for strain A. So you will be protected against the flu strain A virus. But if the flu strain B virus is the one that actualy comes this year, you will get the flu.

If in a couple of years the flu strain A attacks, you will be protected because of your previous shot in the past.

Flu used to be known as "old man's friend" because it killed so many people in a fairly painless way - your lungs filled up with fluid and you just slipped away. In 1918 it killed millions worldwide and was the deadliest human disaster ever.

And it is still a killer, especially for the old and weak. So don't forget the positive aspects of the vaccine.

Whoops! Edit! it was pneumonia that was old man's friend - flu is just a common start of pneumonia. But flu is still a killer.

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AgedCrone in reply to helixhelix

I wonder if some people are just prone to catching flu? Thank goodness,despite my rotten immune system, that is one thing I have never had....I have the flu vaccine, but not the one for pneumonia.

However certain friends, having dutifully had their flu jabs, have had flu more than once.

Last year one friend had flu- which turned into pneumonia - she was hospitalised for a month & she is still poorly almost a year later...she had not had the vaccine!

Food for thought.

Anyone who's had flu, real flu, the one where you couldn't even bother to get up for a £50 note at the bottom of the bed flu, will attest to the benefits of an annual vaccine so the claim they're "not necessarily a good thing" will not enter their mind I wouldn't think. Before vaccines they were big killers, huge, but since the flu jab was designed to protect against the most virulent strains of that particular year we just don't get the pandemics there were before we had widespread flu vaccine take-up's any more. I think "might be" needs to be proved before we start alarming those who are immunosuppressed, those at more risk.

The following is extracted from the WHO myths & facts section

"Myth 9: Vaccines contain mercury which is dangerous. FALSE

Fact 9: Thiomersal is an organic, mercury-containing compound added to some vaccines as a preservative. It is the most widely-used preservative for vaccines that are provided in multi-dose vials. There is no evidence to suggest that the amount of thiomersal used in vaccines poses a health risk."

I always have my flu jab and have not worried about side-effects until reading this post! Flu is common, a real risk and dangerous so I'll take my chances I think!

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I had my first flu jab a couple of weeks ago. Have had no issue with it, and to be honest, haven't worried about it. I'd rather not have flu!

Did I not say. The reason for the videos is that a whistleblower has come forward saying that evidence of potential negative consequences was suppressed, and they now know what was suppressed.

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Hidden in reply to andyswarbs

Your link wasn't from a reputable or balanced source though. I can't see why people disagree based on that.

There has been SO much research by NHS scientists drug company scientists into these scary claims. All which have been dismissed as well rubbish. I agree with no more heels pointvoc view completely.

I was a health visitor when the doctor ( who had patented single vaccines and had now been struck of for malpractice ) was scaring parents with talk of autism chrohns etc .

I was so upset when we had needless deaths due to this selfish act .

People die of flu , measles, mumps and Ruebella. Ironically I couldn't have my flu jab due to its timing with my biologic drug and ended up very poorly with severe flu.

I seriously don't believe the manufacturers put dangerous chemicals in vaccines and if you were a mum in Africa who walks a day to get her child vaccinated we might realise how lucky we all are getting free vaccines here .

So I know I rant ..... obviously I feel strongly xxxxx 😜

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Eiram50 in reply to allanah

I agree with you and NMH. I have always taken mine ( and pneumonia ) and ensure my kids have it too.

We have never had any adverse reactions ..... and we have never had flu.


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janmary in reply to allanah

I share your experience as a Health visitor at that time.

We have forgotten what these diseases were like, and the long term effects of even the 'milder' ones, and really hope that immunisation rates don't drop in this new era of 'fake news' .

Well said Alannah!

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Mall in reply to janmary

Yes well said, I remember as a child an uncle dying after contracting flu when a particularly nasty virus was doing the rounds. He was not old had no health difficulties and left a young wife and child.

I wouldn't put much stock in a video purported by anti-vaxers. The information contained in this video has been disproved by scientists (whole have had their work peer reviewed).

Have a look on the nhs vaccines page.

When being placed on biologic drugs was discussed with me, flu and pneumonia vaccinations were stressed as being really important. My rhumy seemed reluctant to consider prescribing unless I was willing to have a pnuemonia vaccination and agree to having annual flu jabs. I would rather have the vaccinations than suffer the consequences of these serious illness whilst my immune system is compromised by the drugs I take to control my RA. If I didn't have chronic illness and need to take immune suppressing drugs then my decision about having the flu vaccination may be different.

Polio has just been eradicated in India. Maybe if we were to spend time in developing my countries where there is no access to vaccinations we would have a better appreciation of how they have dramatically improved our lot.

I remember my mum telling me about the fear she felt as a child as polio swept through her neighbourhood. I have friend left with permanent brain damage because of measles. Flu still kills - it's not just a heavy cold. I've only had flu twice and I knew all about it.

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janmary in reply to Hobnobbing

I must be as old as your mum - I remember the polio outbreak in the 50's - several friends and classmates were affected (and those who have survived still are). And the TB (which is on the way back).

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Hobnobbing in reply to janmary

I forgot about TB. Shows you how successful that was. Can't believe it's ok it's way back. I still have a whole in my arm from when I got my jab as a baby!

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