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Both jabs and got Covid

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I really thought that having both jabs would of protected me more from this horrible virus . I’m at home really struggling with the headaches sore throat out of breath I have never felt this bad in the 50 years I have been alive . I suppose it’s maybe a good job that I have had both vaccines as it could be a lot worse

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Recently we seem to be surrounded by people who have been double jabbed, but still have succumbed to Covid The vaccination doesn't prevent you getting Covid, but should prevent you becoming seriously ill with it.

I hope you recover soon.

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AgedCrone in reply to Mmrr

I do wonder if as a lot of people didn’t appear to understand that vaccination does not protect against catching Covid …..did they drop a few precautions?Thankfully having been vaccinated it should mean people like poor Buckybri will recover very soon.

As we have all read…the majority of people now in ICUs seriously ill with Covid19 have not been vaccinated.

So please ….anybody who has not had a Covid vaccination for no good reason…please get the protection it does offer……and ASAP. have that vaccination.

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Buckybri in reply to AgedCrone

I have told my step son who is 22 to get the vaccine but he’s one that can’t be bothered , well now it’s cost him ten days money from work , because he has to isolate because he’s not had the vaccine .

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AgedCrone in reply to Buckybri

Hopefully the loss of cash will push him to get vaccinated as soon as he has completed his quarantine.You take care…I hope you start to feel better very soon.

Seems very wrong to 'like' this post. I'm so sorry to hear that you are feeling so unwell😞 I hope you start to pick up soon ❤

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Buckybri in reply to Moomin8

I was naive to underestimate this virus

I’m hearing more and more people this is happening to . Thankfully they are not dying but they are very ill. The hospitals are still under pressure with people being admitted but thankfully not ITU. Hope you recover swiftly xx

Sorry to hear that you feel so unwell, really hope things get easier each day. Rest well and take good care of yourself. Xx

I thought the same when I got it in July despite being double jabbed I was very sick with it. But like you say it could have been worse. Hopefully you recover soon from it, it took me a long time to get over it.

Gosh , I’m so sorry to hear your so poorly. that’s really very bad luck as it should have given you better protection , as we were lead to believe it would protect us having two jabs. . Have you spoken to your gp or any other doctor about your illness have they said. Very much ?

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Buckybri in reply to rabbits65

I was just told not to take my meds until I had five days free of symptoms, which is a contradiction to what I read .

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rabbits65 in reply to Buckybri

I know the feeling, you don’t know who to trust in the end .

You poor thing. Good that you’ve had both jabs though. I hope you feel a lot better soon, it’s a bit tough to get it after you’ve been vaccinated though isn’t it.

My son’s company rented some office space o get together in person yesterday - they moved onto working from home a month before the first lockdown because they knew what was coming.

So there they were all working away all day yesterday - out for a meal afterwards then home and a girl who only started to work for them on Monday contacted them all this morning to say the lateral flow test she did this morning was positive! I think everyone there will have been double vaccinated and one or two of them have had covid - let’s hope no one else gets it but they’re all a bit spooked to say the least.

Get better soon x

My husband's doctor told him just this week that the hospitals here are full of people with covid that are almost all unvaccinated. She said it was heartbreaking to watch an otherwise healthy 30 year old man struggling to take a breath. Whether you trust the vaccine or not, generally most can agree that if you are vaccinated, you are less likely to get so sick to end up in the hospital. Sorry you are feeling so bad. Hope you start to feel better soon.

I remember when I first went to have a test last year and it was all very professional people in suits etc , yesterday it was just a couple of young lads in hi vis tops .

Thank you , yes who knows how I would b without the vaccination.

Wish you better x

I’m so sorry! Thank you for sharing this publicly and the reminder. Isn’t it a shame that the UK is fairly alone in having almost no masks anymore? Just back from San Francisco and Portugal and couldn’t have felt safer. Low rates both places and masks everywhere, even the young. I’m ordering more N99/FFP3s. I hope you are on the mend soon and thanks again for sharing so others have the reminder (though I suppose those on this site don’t need it?!)

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Ferret18 in reply to HanaleiBa

I’m just back from 10 days in France and I can count on 1 hand the number of people not wearing a mask. I felt much safer. Went to M&S on way home to get supper and not 1 person we saw was wearing a mask!!

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Susiespain in reply to Ferret18

Same here in Spain, even school children wear masks. Due to visit UK to visit family next week, not seen them for 18 months, have to admit I'm very nervous, might even postpone. Daily infections there are off the scale, in the top 5 worldwide and winter coming, scary stuff.

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Ferret18 in reply to Susiespain

We do seem to be slipping back in rates of infection and vaccine doses given. I’m just careful with hand washing, have sanitiser with me and wear a mask.

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KittyJ in reply to HanaleiBa

It depends where you are HanaleiBa here the majority of people are still wearing masks, only a few people ( seemed to be only young men) were mask less in the supermarket yesterday but I know that’s not the case everywhere.

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HanaleiBa in reply to KittyJ

You’re so lucky.

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mhlmom in reply to HanaleiBa

Masks are still compulsory in most places in Scotland.

Bless you I’m the same as you. Doubly vaccinated & caught Covid on my very first day out after shielding. That was 7 weeks ago luckily didn’t need hospitalisation but spent 2 weeks in bed very unwell & still recovering with exhaustion. I passed it on to hubby too so both ill together 🙁I really hope you start to improve really soon. I was 4 weeks off Abatacept I rang the helpline & the nurse said not to take again until I felt a bit better.

Rest up that’s all you can do

Take care x

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Batteria in reply to Otto11

You were so wise to be vaccinated. Otherwise you might not be with us now! Just shows how powerful this darling little virus is! Con amore Bx

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Otto11 in reply to Batteria

You are definitely rightTake care x

Hope you soon feel better.My niece who is double jabbed has been quite ill with it caught by her partner who is anti vax and gave it to her.She was lucky really as he got worse and ended up in hospital on oxygen with it and was a hairs breath away from been put on ventilator.He lost 2 stone in weight in 10 days and struggled to climb a stair afterwards .His business was on hold too.We still always wear masks in stores etc but see few who do.I know it’s optional but so is death.I would rather wear one to protect people

If your breathing gets worse ring 111

I’ve started staying home now going out at less busy times and avoid crowds. Unfortunately being double jabbed doesn’t avoid getting covid but lessens the severity of it. I am really sorry you have caught covid hoping recover soon. My daughter suffered with a headache she was also double jabbed. It soon faded away. Take paracetamol and plenty of fluids.

Thank you

Sorry your feeling so poorly. I also contracted it a few weeks ago and was put on steroid tablets and antibiotics never felt so bad in my life was sent to the hospital to get bloods done to check for blood clots but all came back OK. Have had both vaccines and I do believe that is what saved me. Am still recovering and am more cautious about going out as the virus is at an all time high where I live. I hope you made a full recovery and start to feel better soon x

I feel for you. I'm just over it (covid). In fairness I got off light my poor husband has the awful headaches and feels crap. He's on antibiotics and pred now. If you are getting worse please contact the doctor they can give you stuff . Hope you feel better soon.

Oh goodness, hope your feeling better soon 👍

Do hope you recover soon

So sorry to read this Buckybri, hope you feel better soon. Can’t believe how much of the population seem to be acting like this virus no longer exists! 🤗

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