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So...which Covid-19 vaccine?🤔

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Just listening to Radio 2 and they are discussing who, what, when, where, why?

Personally, I have shielded - twice and I think I'm around 4th in line for the vaccine. But I seem to remember reading that if you're on biologics, you need to have the Oxford vaccine. Is that correct?

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I’m lost hearing all sorts of stories,hopefully 1off them will suit us xxx

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Moomin8 in reply to rab1874

I'm sure you're right 🙂

Think our GP's or health professionals will hopefully be able to advise us as we get to know more about the vaccines and how they are going to roll them out. Take care x

If anybody is able to get any information on these vaccines suitability for different groups....please pass it on here. Every time I have asked anybody who is putting them self up as knowing about the vaccines on information lines can almost see the glazed eyes when asked about people with auto immune conditions on various drugs. 99% say they will call back,& that is the last you hear from them!

Hardly the way to encourage anybody....let alone those not in good health in the first place.

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Oh that's not good is it.

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Kind of par for the course the way this whole situation is being handled though isn’t it?

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Time will tell, but I think in the meantime it's keep calm and carry on I guess until we know or are invited to have the vaccine.

Hopefully this will answer your queries, it’s the green book that hat GPs go by, and pending MRHA approval is who can have which etc


I’m afraid I would not take my GPs advice if my life depended on it.I will Speak to my Rheumatology Consultant...& go with his recommendation.

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essexgirl in reply to AgedCrone

😳 really , that’s not good

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Moomin8 in reply to AgedCrone

That's a shame. I'm lucky to have a very receptive GP. She listens, understands and backs me. She also follows things through.

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I would hope that the British Rheumatology Society and NRAS would offer comment on the vaccine too. I agree that GPs are most unlikely to have any specific knowledge on the vaccine and RA and immunocompromised people.

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Once all the vaccines are available I’m sure a pattern will emerge if there are any side effects,& that will guide clinicians as to which patients will do best on which vaccine.I also imagine this first one that is proving so difficult to store & transport will not be used for very long....unless it is proved either far superior.....or more suitable for people with certain conditions.

It might even be like most RA drugs.....some would kill to get Drug A, whereas others hate it with a vengeance....& there is still nothing widely published about research using people with autoimmune diseases, or those on newish Biologic drugs.

I guess we are heading back to kissing frogs to find our Prince of Vaccines?

This document is to make sure all GPs follow the same criteria, and are not left to their own decision making. So it’s not your GP making any decision, he is basically following the guidelines I attached. I would say as GPs ga e access to this green book with the details of the vaccines they are in a better position that specialists on correct info. We have e already witnessed many speaking to Rheumys about these vaccines and been told they can’t have it, when the experts are clearly saying it is safe for patients on immunosuppressants to have both these vaccines. Each to their own though, you have to be comfortable with your decision. I was a nurse for 34yrs so well aware of the knowledge of many consultants outside of their own speciality

Hi, had you meant to attach something to your message?🙂

I already attached it, see further up the thread

Thank you 😊 I was using my looking eyes - not! 🙈

I too was a nurse & believe me after 20+ years of RA l know a hell of a lot more about my health than my G P......who appeared to think I was having Rtx every month....& had never heard of Arava.On the other hand, I have been with the same Rheumatologist for 15 years,& he is making a thorough investigation as to whether my personal condition has any bearing on whether I should have a vaccination or not.

In no way am I saying don’t get vaccinated...just that Personally I am not willing to just “give it a try”...until my rheumy advises me to.

We all have to take the path we think is best for us....the majority of my friends with no health problems ....except old age 🤯are all very happy to go I would be had I not had such serious reactions to medication in the past.

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Moomin8 in reply to AgedCrone

We are lucky to have each other for support too ❤

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Mmrr in reply to AgedCrone

Like you AC I am usually pro vaccines, but will not be first in the queue for a coronavirus vaccine and most certainly not at the behest of my GP. Kind though my new GP is, she openly admits to knowing little about RA, but follows protocols (very well I might add).I will consider the advice of my rheumatologist who is also the biologics specialist in the hospital I attend, and any forthcoming advice from the British Rheumatology Society, NRAS and others.

Hopefuly I will feel confident enough to accept the vaccine at some point next year, but I am in no rush to do so.

With my history of adverse reactions and side effects to drugs and my largely steroid induced immunocompromised state it would be foolhardy to rush forward for a new vaccine.

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AgedCrone in reply to Mmrr

I absolutely agree with you. Apart from health considerations...I am In the process of selling my house and moving... just imagine if I have a vaccination and get a bad reaction many people I will be inconveniencing ....putting us all in a dreadful situation....not to mention I may get ill.I reckon I have obeyed all the rules since last March ...nobody has been in my house ....I haven’t been in anybody else’s house and I am buying a brand-new house so I have not been looking at houses that have people living in them.

I trust my rheumy when we speak I will take note of his advice - but as I think I am only in the third group who will be offered the vaccine I doubt that will be any time before Christmas, so hopefully I will be able to move and get settled before I have to make a final decision .

Plus of course the more people who are vaccinated ....hopefully the less chance of the virus picking up speed and spreading anymore.

But as it is such a new venture all we can do is wait-and-see..... my GP will love that’s his favourite expression!

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Mmrr in reply to AgedCrone

My ex husband, a GP used to say being a GP is all about entertaining patients whilst waiting for them to get better ....or die 😉

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Moomin8 in reply to Mmrr


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AgedCrone in reply to Mmrr

Will then mine are failing in their duty.. they are not entertaining and I am certainly not going to die to trick them into thinking they are earning their salary!

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Mmrr in reply to AgedCrone


Yes the CEV are 4th in line, with the over 70s I gather. No idea what vaccine we will be given though and am happy to rely on my Rheumatologist/GP to advise nearer the time.

I think that if you are ECV and not 70 or over then you might be 6th in line. It's difficult because I've read different things.

Not according what was stated in this morning’s briefing or on the post AC has made here.

Maybe, I hope anyway, we'll we more definitive answers when Boris Johnson addresses England at 5pm. Pointless speculating until then.

Unless the new minister performs miracles it will be a mega miracle if it happens next weekWe can just hope no one switches off the fridge ....or whatever they keep the stuff in at -70°?

I think I will wait for the Oxford vaccine too. I’m onbiologic too. I suppose you could enquire with your rheumatology unit. That’s if you can get through

I do ‘t think we will be having nice leisurely discussions & get a choice ...I am presuming we take what we are offered or they go onto the next name!

We are like the blind leading the blind at the moment 🙈


I really don’t think we should try to guess what will happen and when. I’m certainly not going to, nor worry about it, as stress is not helpful to us with our disease.

We will need to be patient as Professor van Tam has said. Let us hope our own doctors will choose what vaccine will best for each of us. 🤞🏻

Totally agree. Speaking for myself, I am just so glad that a vaccine has passed the safety tests.

Mathematically according to bbc scientists theres not enough coming in this initial batch to cover even nursing homes , so we will have to wait anyway until they pass the oxford one or make more. But great news !

That's how I see it too

Don't worry. I am sure that by the time it gets to our turn there will be clear information and advice from NRAS and our Rheumatology department about which one is safe for us.

That rings a bell.. we’ll see what we’re offered after other categories are prioritised.

There was an interesting discussion on Jeremy Vine the other day. I only caught a bit of it but I did gather that the Oxford vaccine used ChAd as a base, modified with Covid 19 DNA. This base has been used in many vaccines including Ebola previously and has been found to be effective and safe, so those of us concerned about lack of testing maybe should wait for that one. Good link here

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allanah in reply to Maggsie

I dont think we will get a choice of brands , it's not tesco 😂😂😂😂

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That's what I was listening to.

I saw my rheumatology nurse this morning. She said that at present they don't have much information about the vaccines. She did say however that as I am on Cimzia I should be ok with a vaccine which isn't live- the Pfizer one isn't. However I would like to stress that this was advice for me personally and obviously everyone is different and would need to check with their own rheum team. She also said that I should not have any covid vaccine without discussing it with them first. Which makes sense to me as GPs aren't experts on RA drugs. She said that they would be in touch when they know more. So for me it's a matter of wait and see and continue to be sensible.

Hi MadBunny 🐰I hada similar conversation with my rheumatology team tbh. I agree - we all have our own, individual and very unique paths to tread 🤪

Nras said they would put out a statement

The Pfizer and oxford ones arent live. Only one passed ar the moment is pfizer .hope oxford one gets passed doon. The live one moderna does get here till March. But as I say NRAS are putting out a statement

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