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Sweet dreams pal


A bad day couldn’t get any worse today folks as I lost my wee shadow this morning in a complete accident as he was run over when off the lead as I’ve been training him devastated as he followed me everywhere and will be a big hole in my life,I’ve decided to get him cremated and get nice pebbles in the garden rose I can have fond memories ,so long Rudi

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Oh I am so so sorry! Struggling to find words other than, I wish you the strength to get through this. We lost our doggy in June and still can't come to terms with it all.

Oh I’m so so sorry 😢 I loved your photos of your wee man Rudi I know how devastated you must be. Run free Rudi 🌈 my heart goes out to you x

So sorry to hear your sad news. Our pets are members of the family and the grief of losing one is very real.I think your idea for a little memorial for Rudi is lovely. X

Oh no I’m so sorry to hear about Rudi, must be such a shock for you. Our pets are so special to us. Carry him close to your heart always. Big hug xx

Oh no . That's such sad news. Words arent enough. 💔

Oh no, that’s so sad. He will be a huge loss. People will say it’s ‘only’ an animal but honestly I’ve been more upset when one of my cats has died than I’ve been about some pretty close relatives. Like you say he’ll be in your heart forever.

So sorry darling.xxx

So sorry to hear that - awful for you.Try to take comfort in the happy life you gave him even though it was short; having been through this I know how hard it is to lose a much-loved companion and it's even harder when it's so early and unexpected.

What an awful shock for you to lose your little dog like that, very sorry for your loss. These things take some time to get over, have also lost pets.

Oh rab I am so sorry, I'm struggling to know what to say and even though I don't know you in person I was upset to read this as you put it so well Rudi was your shadow, your best bud. Sending you my heartfelt wishes xx

Oh Rab, I am so so sorry. To think only a few days ago you happily posted a pic of him for his first birthday. I don't know what to say it's such a shock. Just try to remember that you had that one wonderful year with him & was so loved. x

Oh so sad sending you a hug 🤗

Oh rab, I can't believe it, I am so very sorry to hear this and I know exactly how you're feeling. Goodness, that has come as a shock even to me let alone you. One consolation from this rab, you had the joy of having him in your life, even if only for a short time. Bless you, thinking of you. RIP dear little Rudi. xx

I am so so sorry to hear your awful sad news of Rudi. No words will help right now but you are very much in my thoughts. Run free little Rudi. Always missed and never forgotten. ❤️ x

Heartbreaking, I’m so sorry for you. And what a shock. Please take care of yourself, as will be so horrible without your pal.

Oh my goodness Rab, what a terrible shock. I'm so, so sorry. Words really aren't enough xx😪

I'm so sorry x

I'm very sorry to read this. Pets are our family.Thinking of you.

I'm so sorry to hear it, Rab. They take a piece of your heart with them when they go, don't they?

I’m so sorry to read this. You look after yourself big hugs xx

Hope you are OK rab, thinking of you.

Oh gosh I’m so so sorry. 😢💗

How sad 😞

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