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Shocked at NHS nurse attitude

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I had to go for blood tests yesterday at my local hospital where I always feel safe

I was waiting to go in and reached the line where nurse takes temperature etc

While waiting for her to come out to me I noticed there was facility to scan NHS COVID 19 App so I checked in with that too

In the process nurse came out and informed me she would never use app as ‘they’ can find out where you are at any time. I am aware nhs staff are advised to pause features in work as they are in protected clinical atmosphere

I live in the north west - not in lockdown area yet

I just thought it summed up society’s attitude to each other and nobody is interested protecting each other.

My reply to her was that i used it to protect myself and others around me and to ultimately protect the NHS

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Sadly I think that there's a lot of cynicism amongst NHS workers and I'm not sure that I blame them considering how badly they've been treated by politicians over the years.

I had a chat with a rheumy nurse while she was taking my blood a couple of months ago (another one was dealing with me and had gone off to check something with the doctor.) I was laughing about the fact that I'd turned 60 on lockdown day (!) and said that I was pleasantly surprised that the age for free prescriptions hadn't been raised as I'd been expecting it to happen ever since they started to change the pension age. Her response was that "they" were determined to "make" us work for as long as possible so that "they" wanted us to take statins etc so we we could keep working and thought that we were more likely to do so if they were free. It was clear that she had no confidence in the system and didn't think that "they" cared about our health, only how productive we were. I decided not to challenge her, just smile along; my job is more of a vocation and I hope never to retire but that didn't seem to be the best thing to say at that point 🙄

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Piwacket in reply to Boxerlady

I worked in the public sector for many years trying to help people and we were always a political football.

sadly when I couldn’t believe in the ‘message’ anymore I left

I see all the faults with the App and understand that people don’t want to use it as they couldn’t possibly afford to or want to self isolate maybe it was a message I didn’t want to hear about the reality of that

Stay safe

Oh dear this is so sad to hear, I too live in the North West and unfortunately the attitude of some is not good where I am. I am at a point where I don't feel safe to go out and the odd occasion I have to I get 'looks' for masking up and putting gloves on or using my sanitiser. I feel there are a range of feelings such as arrogance, apathy, fatigue with Covid to name a few. I'm not exactly over joyed myself at the prospect of this life we are living right now, but I know I have a moral responsibility to protect others and myself and get on with it until there is a way forward which may mean a vaccine, treatments or having to live a long side this virus and live life with some changes, but sadly it's not the same for some. Take care where you are and I am sorry that you had this not so positive response from a nurse.

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Piwacket in reply to Pippy25

Thanks for your reply - just realised how vulnerable I feel and how it unnerved me

We shouldn’t have to feel stupid for protecting ourselves and others - I get the same looks too but We are just trying to live as best we can in this difficult times

I am in west Cheshire and looks as if further restrictions are going to be introduced but I don’t think will it is going to make much difference

Stay safe and well

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Pippy25 in reply to Piwacket

Thanks Piwacket you stay safe and well too.

I do believe the front line medical staff are dissatisfied with how they have been treated. I had a hospital appointment yesterday ( not RA related) a young nurse was very breathless. I asked if she was ok . She had Covid in may caught because of the shortage of ppe . Now has long Covid severely asthmatic and has muscle pain and weakness in bed by 8pm .Only 2nd day back and felt she may have to give up nursing . She was 24years old 🥺

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springcross in reply to J1707

That's really sad, especially as it was entirely preventable.

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Pippy25 in reply to springcross

I agree with you springcross.

Conspiracy theories give those with no life something to concentrate on!

As it appears a large % of those actually contacted on the T&T App are ignoring it...maybe there are more of these theory believers than we think?

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Piwacket in reply to AgedCrone

I agree and I am sure people’s anxieties have impacts on what they say and do

I guess that professionally I would of hoped someone working on the front line of NHS wouldn’t fuel other peoples anxiety and at least support use of the NHS app no matter what their own beliefs are

Ah, but nurses are not what they used to be.

Today they have the theory down pat....but the rest is still “work in progress”.

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Aliceeliza in reply to AgedCrone

Very true

" they " can find you anyway if you have a mobile !!

I use the app. Put it on when I go out and turn off when home again. The exception was when visiting my mother in hospital when I turned it off whilst there. My daughter-in-law works in a hospital and the staff are not supposed to have the app on when at work - I suppose it could potentially have false hits. So I'm following that advice.

I’m a little 50/50 with this one. There have been so many epic fails with the app not working as it should I can understand being a little sceptical of it. Maybe the nurse had a bad experience or knows someone who’s had a bad time with the virus ? who knows why people feel this way. I’m a very firm believer that I take responsibility for my own actions and in the current climate will do all I can to protect myself and others from the virus but then again I’m still shielding and haven’t been out more than 5 times since February so I don’t know how I’d feel if I had the threat every day as part of my job 🤷‍♀️

Lol, if said nurse has a smart phone then ‘ they ‘ can find out where they are at any point anyway. That ship sailed when everyone voluntarily bought a phone with gps so ..... downloading the app ain’t going to change that 😂

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Piwacket in reply to Fg45

🤣🤣I did consider recommending the Netflix film the social dilemma but thought that would have just been cruel !!

I do wonder why people are unhappy about downloading the app when they will happy inform Facebook, Instagram etc where they are, their credit card number and inside leg measurement!

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