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Pip assessment


I have finally got my telephone assessment for Pip. This is my second attempt. Has anybody got any experience of this or tips, My day to day life has changed dramatically and I need constant support so think I deserve it but we all know it’s not that easy.

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It’s nerve racking isn’t it? My Auntie did it recently we wrote a list on how her life was effected . Her daughters and husband added to the list. When she started to explain and work from the list she broke down crying because saying it out loud made her realise how her life has changed. We deal with individual things daily that become the norm but collectively it’s a shock.

Best bit of advice I got was from second assessor ( I believe he was a medic) no matter how small or well you deal with things if it is a not normal then it’s a problem. He asked did I have a problem with going to the toilet. My answer was no.he said think at any time do you think this is awkward. Yes I said at night I’m very stiff and if I need the toilet I hold the radiator to lower and pull myself on the toilet. He said then that is classed as a difficulty. Never thought about it just adapted.

Don’t be afraid to show emotion . Your not exaggerating because how detailed your answers are because each day throw different challenges so no 2 days the same so your list could be extensive. Base it on your worst day ever . Don’t use the words sometimes.

Good luck it’s not easy to admit how hard your life has become. X

Janji in reply to J1707

Very insightful! Thank you.

Hi it is trying to get the points across to them and you do sometimes forget everything ,you do not know wot they are going to ask thats the thing as well ,try know be upset with some questions as it may be irrelevant but not to the points system you may not get anyway and they have to ask ,you only get 1 crack at this and it is so valuable, i would consider putting a big chart on back of door for the phone call with all the 13 questions and your answers ready on chart at each question in detail our local charity advises this as it can be to your advantage,you may know answer but you will have this to help you and remind you ,on several questions you may have ,support ,aids,help , etc and vital to get all this across on each question ,and your mobility be firm ,if your upto 20 metres say 18 or upto 50 metres say anything between 21 and 45 wotever applies to you, if you to consider this may help you with the questions for chart, you can google and save even to read a good few times Google ,(pip form completion and appeals disabled view uk)this is just an option for you you do not need to do this but is valuable information on pip ,you only get 1 good crack at this and your not f2f as well and it could make a big difference to the finance as it can go upto £78,000 per 10 year award

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