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Starting new meds again


I’m starting this injection very soon 🤞crossed it works for me anyone on this site been on this and how it worked for them I hope I don’t have any side affects 🤞🤞🤞

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Good luck with it Beth. 🤞🏻

Beth72 in reply to bubblyalex

Thank you x

Good luck , hope this is it !!

Beth72 in reply to allanah

Thank you x

Hope it is the one ! 🤞🏻

Beth72 in reply to Neonkittie17

Thank you x

I'm on it, started about 14months ago. It's working well for me, less side effects than anything else I've tried in the past. Really hope you get good results too.

Beth72 in reply to rounder

I hope it works for me aswell how long does it take to work?

Took a few weeks, but I had been off all meds for almost 3 months after an unplanned month in hospital in Africa with a back injury, so it had a lot of ground to make up.

Over been on this for about 6 years I've been fine on it. Just the usual more likely to get infections. You need an annual flu jab. I did get shingles about two and a half years ago. But ok otherwise just coughs and cold and the occasional uti. Good luck on it .

Aww thank you I will keep you all updated when I start 👍

Good luck, hope it works well for you. x

5th for me, have been on it for 2years + . Not perfect, but the best to date. Good luck!!

Don’t think about side effects...just remember the majority of people don’t have any.......but very few people rush to say “Great new drug works really well”.

Hope you will be able to do that!!!

Good luck Beth. I hope it works for you. x


I have been taking this for over 2 years now.

It has worked well with no side effects

🤞 for you

Hi I started on Abatacept injections a week before lockdown. So far it seems ok. I’ve had 2 blood tests & a phone call to say my CRP was slowly coming down. I still have quite a lot of pain & tendon inflammation though. Waiting since Feb for ultrasound on ankle tendons. I have also developed a rash on hands forearms & neck. Not sure if it’s related or not though. Good luck hope it works for you x

MJSlide1958 in reply to Otto11

Would it help with Rheumy added another med with the Biologic, might work better?

Otto11 in reply to MJSlide1958

I might ask that when I get an appointment. I can’t have Methotrexate though as had pustular psoriasis caused by Humira & not healing due to Methotrexate plus skin cancer 2 years ago so said I can’t have it. I was on Hydroxychloroquine along with Humira but it didn’t really help so that was stopped last year & Sulphasalazine caused raises liver enzymes. However maybe something new might be available. Thanks x

MJSlide1958 in reply to Otto11

So sorry to hear that, but how about discussing another Biologic?

Thanks for your help. Well I can’t have any anti TNF Biologics since having cancer. I have lung involvement from R.A. so I was next given Rituximab which was decided was best for lung involvement but it wiped me out totally & I was admitted to hospital after every infusion but one with severe infections so I went onto half dose but it didn’t control my lung inflammation. I’m now on Abatacept since March. It was suggested I could try Baracitanib but not sure what else they could offer. Thank you for your input x

I’m starting it soon as well, it will be my 3rd biologic. I am just waiting for the delivery so hopefully any day now. Hope it works for both of us. Xx💜

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