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Pressure sore


Does anyone else suffer from a pressure sore from sitting too much? I have a very sore bum. The district nurse came and prescribed a cream to be applied. I have had the cream week and plied it twice a day no improvement so far. Very painful to sir or lie.

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Sorry, not yet! But there are special cushions etc you might be able to buy to help prevent/heal such sore places. I hope it begins to improve soon; if not, get back to the nurse!

You can ask the nurse to order you a response cushion (should be able to get it for free in certain districts/areas) which is specifically for pressure sores, try and stand/change position every 20 minutes or so to allow the tissue to heal or if you can buy a rubber ring that could help relieve some pressure from the area

Wow what I read in your replies are good and some alarm me..I am retired from nursing and a rubber ring was a no go as stops circulation and rubbing with cream breaks down the skin more..But cream to heal ok without rubbing..Changing position is very good or a preventative cushion helps and changing position regularly . Lay on your sides when sleeping and make sure you are well hydrated..Hope you are feeling more comfortable soon..

Thank you for your replies the nurse is getting me a cushion

Magnolia25 - Yes i do and am sore now, I do not sit all day but pressure sores are part and parcel of health issues I believe,

Anyway my doctor gave me two creams, I can't remember if an antibiotic also - One cream was antibiotic and one a barrier cream..

It is marked on mt medical record as being a current problem even when it eases. My creams are in acute medication section.

Don't ignore pressure sores.

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Hi Ern007

The cream the district nurse gave me is medi DERMA PRO I think it is a protective cream, not antibiotic

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Hi Magnolia25

my two creams are ROZEX active ingredient is METRONIDAZOLE and a barrier cream SORBADERM . If your PS get markedly worse, see GP they can be troublesome.

No but just to make you laugh our gp is now doing car park consultations. I imagine you'd blush if he wanted to have a look. I was asked last week if I wanted to go in, or was the car park ok as had a rash. I said car park as was on my neck. It was a flare up of Shingles so back on the antiviral high dose and Pregabalin. Deep joy not deep throat.

Are you not able to stand every hour to relieve the pressure as you will be in a lot of pain if you have an open wound

Yes, I do stand up and walk to the loo. I do not have an open wound, thankfully

Ouch 😩!

Oh that sounds painful. Have you tried having a bath with Epsom salts in it should reduce the pain if nothing else it also will perhaps clear up any possible infection. I always use Epsom salts if I have a wound or something on the skin which is really sore and it works for me. Don’t think it would do any harm if you’re concerned though have a word with the pharmacist or your GP.

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Thanks for your reply

We no longer have a bath as I couldn’t get in it. Now have an excellent walk in shower

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Yeah me too you could always make some up with some warm water and just bathe it if you can reach or even sit on a cloth for a while it might soothe it. Difficult when it’s in the position it is.

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