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Sore fingertips

Hi, l'm new to writing a post but have followed the site for sometime, following a week in hospital caused by Methatrexate affecting my lungs, the result is pulmonary fibrosis.

The question l wanted to ask is does anyone get very sore fingertips, mine are very sore which look like a blister, there are also "blisters" on the pads of my thumbs and forefinger.

I had them once before where l lost my hair and had lung problems with Methotrexate but GP upped the steroids and they went away after a time.

Any feedback is most appreciated.

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I also get very sore fingertips although unlike you, no blisters. The tips of my fingers just get very sore and red. I don't know what causes it and it comes and goes, so I can't really give you any advice. I tried MTX but am now on Humira only so don't know if it is anything to do with the medication. I will be interested to see any answers. Clemmie


I have this and it's hit worse since I went back on mtx, do however get them checked as not to frighten you , some other conditions do cause these problem.


Thanks to you both for your comments, l'm seeing consultant on 7th May and I'll ask her.


I put Vaseline on mine as they hurt a lot and then put cotton gloves on and it helps x


Can I ask how y ou knew that the mtx was causing damage to your lungs?? what were your symptoms?


Hi respiratory consultant said it was M as l had been on it 3yrs ago and had mild breathing probs and my hair fell out.

Tried other Dmards but didn't help so Rhuemy consultant said try a lower dose of M 15mg, that was 6 months ago.

Hopefully Rhuemy will have something else for me.


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