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Night time blog

Sleep escapes me tonight or should i say this morning. Went to bed cream crackered at 9.00 watched tv fell asleep watching Ruth Watson Country House Rescue lol. Awake again two hours later head spinning with funeral arrangements etc so I got up and have been making lists so my brain will allow me to sleep. Joints especially elbows very sore hey ho. Must not forget folic acid in the morning. Hope fellow bloggers are getting some rest sorry for rambling but its great to have a chat and a ramble. God bless. Night night now how does it go one sheep, two sheep, three sheep............

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Hi Sharon... snap...

Haven't been awake as long as you have but long enough.

This sure is a tough time my friend. You sound as though you are coping admirably... lists are good. :-)

Rambling is good, in a chatty sort of way lol). Thinking of you.

And don't forget the folic acid... take care of yourself. Lots of love Juie x


hello. ladies, morning.. i added in a night cap of 10mg of amitript and slept from 11pm til 640am hurragh.. can i suggest this as a sleep aid.. it is also used for breakthrough pain.. most drs wouldnt have a problem prescibing this ..

another option.. is 50MG Trazodone hydrochloride.. used as an anti anxiety type med.. 50mg is less than therapeutic dose(thats what i take when i take it)..feel less hung over than on amitript.. Iknow the dose sounds much higher than amitrit but the amitriptrit is a tricyclcic antidepres used for nerve pain and break through pain(unlicensed use)

I have used the trazodone (this a modified tricycyclic) in past times for the same thing(unlisenced).

In case you are wondering what all this unliscened stuff is.... if you look at the leaflet.. inside only mentions depression not pain......, when I hand out prescriptions for 10mg, or 25MG AMITRIPTYLINE.. I always tell the patient that they have been prescribed it for pain relief...(dont want them going home panicking or thinking as mistake has been made..., but at well all know RA can make us depressed too .....


Thank you so much for your input into this blog Summer, I am sure Sharon will find your experiences with these medications very interesting. However, we must make it very clear that we do not encourage medical advice to be given over the internet. Everyone is individual, and so is their RA - only your GP or Consultant Rheumatologist should be recommending and prescribing medications for you and the HealthUnlocked site should not be used as a substitute for medical advice.


Hi Alison, I too take amitriptyline 25mg I try not to take it every night but I agree it's great for pain at night and enabling us to have a good nights sleep.

mand xx


My favourite ever sleep aid is decorating the house mentally. I always fall asleep within seconds.

I got the idea from an American POW who wrote a book about his time in the Hanoi Hilton (Vietnam War) - a notorious POW prison in North Vietnam. As an officer he was in permanent solitary lockup, only allowed out on special occasions, so to stop himself going mad he mentally built a house from scratch. He went through the whole process mentally from looking for and buying land, drawing up the plans and going through planning meetings etc until it was built. Eight years later he was released and he did exactly what he'd done in his mind. He dedicated his life to living a peaceful life with his family in the house he'd already designed and built in his mind.

I'm not clever enough to build a house so I decorate instead, always starting on the same problematic room. I still havent' gotten round to deciding on the colour but at least I get off to sleep quickly lol. :)


Hi Cat woman

We visited the Hanoi Hilton 3 years ago and it made an effect on me not only did the Vietnamese keep the Americans there but years before the French used it as a prison one side was woman the other men, when I went through to what had been the womens side I was by myself , I was hit by the immediate sense of terror and I could hear screaming in my head, there were something like 6 cells and the french used to keep 6 to 8 woman and sometimes children in them, they had one cotbed and took turns trying to sleep. The Americans were kept in both sides of the main prison I wondered as I left the place if they also not only had their own suffering but heard and felt the anguish from the past.

let me know the name of the book if you can.

Sorry to be so dramatic but we saw heard and experienced some amazing and some very sad and morbid things during our trip, we also went to Cambodia thats another story.

Tricia x


What a very interesting blog.


Hi Sharon Julie and Ali

I too have been up for a few hours as hubs got me scrubbed up and dressed before he went to work. I take 100mg Amitryp since last July as pain relief for muscle spasm and RA but also sleep aid. We should list our meds i think Summer Ali suggested that It will be interesting reading looking at the folic acid.

I sent an email to Ailsa asking if she would poll the dose and frequency, scary when you think about it.

Again Sharon keep blogging it will help the pain, and making lists is good but make a list of the lists.

Tricia x


thanks tricia.. there is a bit of variety around wink x


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