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How often for blood test?

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I am on Methotrexate 15mg tablets weekly and I lovemraldi injections every other week. I have a blood test monthly. Is that how often others have them. I recently noticed I have stage 2 CKD. I asked my Dr about it but she wasn't concerned. I was wondering if I should ask to have the blood tests less often to avoid going for the test? Maybe for the CKD I should keep having monthly tests.?

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I have blood tests every three months (I am on MTX and biologics). Stage 2 CKD is hugely common so if it is stable then they won’t worry.

I noticed it myself but although my GP doesn't seem concerned I am. I noticed on American sites they advice to alter your diet to avoid stage 3. As it means making slight changes I have done some changes, easy things like eat apples not oranges and not too many tomatoes.

I'm on 15mg mtx and imraldi too and also have my bloods done monthly. I'm at CKD stage 3 and waiting for an appointment to nephrology but only because I'm "so young ". CKD2 requires no monitoring, referrals or treatment according to NICE.

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I discovered it myself and wondered why no one had said anything. If you read about it the American sites suggest you alter your diet to prevent it going to stage 3. I wonder why not over in Great Britain


Iv'e been on Methotrexate and steroids for over a year and still on monthly bloods, they are a pain, but missed 1 appointment and got a letter stating no blood - no meds

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I got a letter too. It was because I was a few days late due to being over Christmas and they couldn't fit it in, even though I had booked and was going the next day.

I’m on MTX 20mgs and have blood tests at least once a month.

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I have been on once a month for nearly 3 years but I think it might be that my rheumatologist forgot to change them. I just didn't remind him as I would rather it be that often, until now worrying about coming into contact with infected people.

I’m bi-monthly but used to be monthly at the start.

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This is how I wondered if it should be for me after 3 years

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Check with your rheumy next time you see them, there may be a reason they want you to have them monthly.

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Maybe it's because I have CKD, although I don't have an appointment until July and that may be cancelled

I'm CKD Stage 4 and stage 2 is normal as kidney function does go up and down. GFR is the important reading. You can't change function through diet either I don't know about America but advice here is repeat blood test after a month and monitor. My advice same as me , avoid potassium so no banana's, grapes, baked beans and no low salt, salt use the normal stuff sparingly.

Your GP will refer you to a specialist if needed and most people don't have 100%, it is also an overall reading and people live well with 1 kidney too.

And CKD means over a period of time so not its sudden like AKI which I had , that moved into the next category after a year. MY function is 20% no real issues it doesn't hurt but causes fatigue. Ra meds don't always affect the kidney but your GP must know as a lot of other stuff dosage is affected as the kidney can't clear it. Oh and drink at least 2 pints of water a day that really helps. x

I have halved my banana consumption, eat a few grapes and do eat some baked beans but not a lot. I try to drink a lot of water but still probably don't drink enough.

I was on 4 weekly blood tests for many years with no blood issues so after discussing with my consultant they have allowed me to have 6 weekly tests. It's less complicated as my GP would not issue a script if I went over 4 weeks and it was very difficult to get the appointments.

I have never had a problem with getting blood tests and I can go to 3 places. I just won't feel safe going anywhere now though.

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