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On mtx - How often do you have your blood tested?

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I'm just interested as I started with weekly tests and quickly went to monthly which I'm still on a year later. I asked the phlebotomist about this when I had my latest test this morning and she said some people go to 3 monthly! Has this happened to any of you?

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Hi When I was on MTX I was on a monthly blood test which I was told would be normal regardless of how long I stayed on the drug.After 18months I was changed to leflunomide where I continue on monthly blood tests. Hope that helps! Good luck. Love Alison x

I'm still on monthly blood tests but I am also on prednisolone for another condition.


I was on a monthly test cycle for 2 years and now on a bi - monthly. Your GP should be the person who determines the frequency because they know what to look out for. Good luck!

I'm on monthly unless a change of dose or meds and then it goes to 2 weekly. I think it's always monthly for anyone on these drugs up here. Tilda x


I'm on 3 monthly since I've been on biologicals as well as mtx. Prior to starting biologiclals I was on 8 wks bloods tests whilst on mtx & hydroxy. My bloods are always good, so I was moved on to 3 monthly.

Hope that helps

Joanne x

I'm on 6 - 8 week blood tests now, but that's after several years of having monthly tests and now being pretty stable as far as my blood goes. Polly

Thanks all, I was just interested to see how we all compared. Todays blood taking was a particularly sore one so I was just hoping that one day they'll be done less often x

Four weekly, which is the protocol for this Trust. My GP won't issue the new prescription unless the blood test has been done and he's seen the results.

Dotty x

I have been on monthly blood tests for 20 years - never seems to change no matter what drugs i have been on. Luckily I have good veins or I'm not so sure I would still be going !

Sally x

I started on monthly but now on 3 monthly as test results were stable. You could ask to have blood test results explained.

Hope it works well for you x

Wow, I have my blood test only every 3 months.


I'm still on monthly tests after nearly 4 years.

They'd nurse just told me fortnightly for 8 weeks, monthly for a year then 6-8 weekly at the most. Guess it depends a lot on where you are.x

I have to have monthly blood tests with my methotrexate. My Doctor failed to organise this for me so I went to a different doctor who now gives me a bunch of tests forms and put the date by month on the form. I have a regular date which I picked and manage myself- much safer!

I started blood tests weekly also, then two weekly, monthly, two monthly and now three monthly.

I queried this recently at rheumatology review and as my results have been stable my tests were changed from monthly to 3 monthly. Ironically I’ve now embarked on a big flare... so may need to request a test sooner!

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I'm currently joining you in that big flare and waiting to see if it reflects in my next blood test too! Hope you're being kind to yourself and feel better soon x

I’ve been in methotrexate for about four years, leflunomide for maybe two and still have monthly blood tests. Equally, I know people who have them done every three months. Not sure what makes the difference. Possibly, previous blood test results?


Hi paulywoo, I’ve been on mtx for several years (I say several, truth be told I can’t remember how long) 😂

At first I was weekly then moved to monthly, after a few years and with no side effects I asked if I could go 6 weekly and my Rheumy said that because I’d never had any problems with the drug I could go every 2 months. The blood tests are monitoring your liver function and white blood cells and as long as these are fine then how often do you need them done? I’m hoping that when my husband retires we will spend more time in Spain and all being well I will move to 10 or 12 weekly intervals.

Hope mtx works for you.

Fiona x

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Hi Fiona, this is a really old thread which started 6 yrs ago! I'm no longer on mtx but responded to girli as I know the thread is still relevant. I hope you enjoy lots of time in Spain with your husband. It sounds a lovely way to spend retirement. 3 monthly tests would certainly make your life easier if you are suited to them x

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Oops! Typical me, never read it properly! 😂 have a good day! x

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