On mtx - How often do you have your blood tested?

I'm just interested as I started with weekly tests and quickly went to monthly which I'm still on a year later. I asked the phlebotomist about this when I had my latest test this morning and she said some people go to 3 monthly! Has this happened to any of you?

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  • Hi When I was on MTX I was on a monthly blood test which I was told would be normal regardless of how long I stayed on the drug.After 18months I was changed to leflunomide where I continue on monthly blood tests. Hope that helps! Good luck. Love Alison x

  • I'm still on monthly blood tests but I am also on prednisolone for another condition.


  • I was on a monthly test cycle for 2 years and now on a bi - monthly. Your GP should be the person who determines the frequency because they know what to look out for. Good luck!

  • I'm on monthly unless a change of dose or meds and then it goes to 2 weekly. I think it's always monthly for anyone on these drugs up here. Tilda x

  • Hi

    I'm on 3 monthly since I've been on biologicals as well as mtx. Prior to starting biologiclals I was on 8 wks bloods tests whilst on mtx & hydroxy. My bloods are always good, so I was moved on to 3 monthly.

    Hope that helps

    Joanne x

  • I'm on 6 - 8 week blood tests now, but that's after several years of having monthly tests and now being pretty stable as far as my blood goes. Polly

  • Thanks all, I was just interested to see how we all compared. Todays blood taking was a particularly sore one so I was just hoping that one day they'll be done less often x

  • Four weekly, which is the protocol for this Trust. My GP won't issue the new prescription unless the blood test has been done and he's seen the results.

    Dotty x

  • I have been on monthly blood tests for 20 years - never seems to change no matter what drugs i have been on. Luckily I have good veins or I'm not so sure I would still be going !

    Sally x

  • I started on monthly but now on 3 monthly as test results were stable. You could ask to have blood test results explained.

    Hope it works well for you x

  • Wow, I have my blood test only every 3 months.


  • I'm still on monthly tests after nearly 4 years.

  • They'd nurse just told me fortnightly for 8 weeks, monthly for a year then 6-8 weekly at the most. Guess it depends a lot on where you are.x

  • I have to have monthly blood tests with my methotrexate. My Doctor failed to organise this for me so I went to a different doctor who now gives me a bunch of tests forms and put the date by month on the form. I have a regular date which I picked and manage myself- much safer!

  • I started blood tests weekly also, then two weekly, monthly, two monthly and now three monthly.

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