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Alkaline diet


Further to someone mentioning bicarbonate of soda, I’ve been doing a bit of research. I found an article that is interesting.

See “the cause and cure for rheumatoid arthritis”. Article written by Robert O Young.

I don’t believe everything I read but there could be something in this.

Oh to be well and a size 10 🧍‍♀️

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Can you put a link to the article please?

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I’m hopeless at that link thing but if you copy the above.

I’ve been doing a lot more reading. I have to question a lot. Are we too acidic?. Test with strips. If so, why?. If not, what he says doesn’t stack up for everyone. Would alkali supplements help?. Are we just hanging on to acid?. How high does our ph level need to be to reduce inflammation?. What’s a healthy level?. If high, what is considered safe?. Consequences of going more alkaline. I’m going to get some strips. Try to reduce acid intake. I wonder what studies have been done with RD sufferers. If it was that simple......... there is a lot of doubt in my mind but if by reducing our acid levels we can reduce our inflammation levels even a small amount it would be something. More reading to do. I’m not going to do anything drastic.

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Thankyou for the link Esmereld 😊

I woke thinking about the post a few days ago re taking bicarbonate, wondering whether to try it. I found this article really interesting - though I have to say when I cut everything out of my diet on diagnosis, apart from salad, veg and potatoes I didn't feel any better RA wise and was miserable as I couldn't eat anything I liked!! In contrast taking bicarb every day and generally cleaning up my diet a little seems doable (I've reverted to eating anything and everything now!!). Think I'll give it a go. Thanks for posting.

An interesting article to read. Thank you for sharing.

Errmm, I personally think this is total baloney. Sorry.

Our body has a hugely complicated set of processes to keep the pH between 7.35 and 7.45. And no matter what you do or eat your body will do its utmost to get it back there via different metabolic processes. It is only some serious diseases that affect this.

The only part of your body where acidity alters is your urine, and that is neatly contained in your bladder and goes nowhere else. And the changes in acidity of your urine are because your body is trying to get rid of things, or you are dehydrated.

Don’t waste your money.

Having said that, the whole thing of needing different minerals is completely different and perfectly valid - to me it’s just a nonsense to focus on whether they are acid or alkaline. Your stomach is extremely acid. Everything you eat is broken down by your digestive system into the basic building blocks, or excreted...

It *is* total baloney and I'm not sorry for saying it. These charlatans exploit vulnerable people at the times they need help the most and I resent it.

And the organisation the author of this article (who appears not to be a fully qualified medical doctor) works for is this:

At Universal Medical Imaging Group (UMIG), we offer a holistic alternative and complementary approach to overall health using ultrasound, thermography, bio-electro scan and non-invasive blood analysis, to detect health issues and provide clients with an individualized health plan based on a healthy dietary life-style and nature based supplements that optimizes wellness and opens the door to vibrant and extraordinary health.

So they get people to pay for expensive scans, offer them some no doubt standardised wellness information. I just hope that since they are at least radiographers they direct people to proper medical facilities if they spot anything untoward on the scans.

And it seems that they have been sued for improper practices too “

Universal Imaging (January 2012)

• Government sued seeking $150 million in damages

• Allegations of lack of supervision, generation of 90 percent or more of business by paying kickbacks to physicians, and improper lease arrangements

• Also settled with 14 physicians who were paid for referrals”

(Ms Grumpy today I’m afraid!)

Mrs Sensible I would say 😊

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Oh dear not good then. Thank you too for sharing.

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Thanks HH, I won’t bother reading it now 😊

It’s intere as there’s just enough facts in it for people to agree with him. Then every now and then the article deviates.

The foods he suggests are great, then comes his selling bit and link to buy something, which is probably no more than something like Andrews liver salts.

They are. $44 dollars for almost the same ingredients as Andrews Liver Salts or even Dialyte.

On a Facebook rheumy page, there are thousands of members. (Mostly Americans). Some even try borax. It’s nuts. Admins generally remove the borax ones eventually.

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