Well I have been doing well on my diet versus RA for a while but this week have really struggled with pain, swelling and carpal tightness. So analysed the hell out of it and low and behold found out the reason. Added Worcester sauce(half a bottle) to my food prep curry at the weekend and now find out it contains anchovies. I thought anchovies were like olives but they are very oil fish. It is like the last time I tried to have fish oil I reacted. Well at least it is not the banana I re-introduced recently. I know a few do not agree with the diet thing but if you can find a correlation between pain and food then cut out the food that offends and life may be a little less painful. Have a great day everyone

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  • Half a bottle of Worcester Sauce! That amount of salt would have my blood pressure popping off the scale and give me mega headache etc etc. I use a couple of drops per dish. A bottle probably last me 2 years.....

  • My pot is huge and I get about 12 full containers out of one prep

  • Ok, but I'd still only use a tablespoon!

  • I won't be adding again! Lol

  • Beware Soy sauce too!

  • Well funny you should say that but if you buy Tamari sauce it is wonderful. Tastes a lot like soy sauce but has no gluten, meat, or oil. I have had it for over twelve months. It's in the free from aisles at Morrisons. Worth a try

  • Thanks Glenb I'll certainly try that. I'm not "anything free" but if something tastes the same & might be better for me I'll try it.

    If it tastes like sawdust...ill be back Glenb!!!

  • Haha

  • But also has very high salt content, and naturally contains monosodium glutamate (MSG) which some people find doesn't suit them.

  • You probably know this but in case it's useful to anyone else, there's a vegetarian Worcester-like sauce - Henderson's Relish.

  • Hecky peck, that's a lot of Worcestershire sauce in one dish! My h uses it in spag Bol, does enough for 4 servings, but only 3 or 4 shakes, just so there's a hint of something & not overpowering. You could try a dollop of HP, it has to be the real deal though, or Biona Worcestershire Sauce but I'll warn you it doesn't taste half as good as Lea & Perrins. We've tried Henderson's & again whilst it's not quite the same it's not bad if you're using it in cooking & not as an addition to cooked food.

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