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Positive RF test but negative CRP?


Hello everyone!

Ice just had my blood tests back. The doctor says this is 100% RA. RF came back 163 and ANA positive. Everything else came back negative such as CRP.

Anyone in a similar situation?

Thank you!

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It’s not just about the blood tests. Your doc will consider them alongside how you describe what has been happening to you, your family history, and your physical signs and symptoms to come up with a diagnosis.

RA can be tricky to diagnose as there are a number of things that produce similar symptoms. But if you are not convinced then ask more questions!

My inflammatory markers are always low and the consultant I was under went by blood tests and didn't assess my joints. So be aware of this if you are someone who doesn't have raised inflammatory markers(CRP/ESR). I had a terrible year last year because of this.

Thank you both! I have always had arthritis in both knees. Have had MRIs so I know about it. Have always also had sore wrists and elbows and shoulders. Lately my hips are killing me

Went to a reymatologist. She asked for some more bloot tests.Anti CCP and a couple of others. Waiting to get them back on Tuesday.

But hse said RA at 163 is very very high.

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