RF ERP rate negative

I am 20 years old ! For my last 2 weeks all my joints are paining ! First it started with stiffness ! I consulted ortho doctor He gave me RF factor test ERP Uric acid test and urine culture test ! All came negative ! Do I have RA ! I am scared ! I am very young ! Studying engineering ! I am looking for a job in one of the top MNC in the world ! Can a be a successful software engineering ! I am totally depressed !

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  • Sorry you are feeling so low. Trying not to worry is easier said than done. When we are stressed our bodies tense up which will make a fight or flight reponse. Try to relax, if you do have RA, all will be well for you as the treatments are so much better these days compared to when I was diagnosed at a similar age.

    Nothing is certain on the diagonise front as of yet. You WILL be able to follow your career path regardless. Being able to adapt is key when faced with being unwell, coupled with not being too hard on yourself. A worry shared is a worry halved. Get plenty of rest when you feel at your worst. The good days are round the corner, if we could only see them. Sending gentle hugs you way.

  • You need to ask the doctor to explain the test results to you. Only a doctor can tell you if you have RA. Don't panic! There is much help available if it is RA and being so young is the best time to start treating it I think.

  • The tests don't always show ra at the time,it is a slow process to get a diagnosis. If you do have ra there are meds that will ease your symptoms and the advice is always ask lots of questions of your dr. Don't worry too much(easier said than done i know) xxxxxxx

  • Hi Sorry you are feeling scared.

    Make some notes on how you are feeling and what hurts and how this is affecting you. Then book an appointment to see your GP to discuss the way forward.

    When I was younger.I was diagnosed with SLE otherwise known as lupus. Everything hurt I could not even turn myself in bed. I had three children and a career. I was scared. It took a while but with the right medication I not only managed to work,and do everything else as well,but also moved up the career path.Yes it took me longer to get over infections but my employers new about this and we worked it between us.

    I appreciate SLE is different to RA but there are many similarities . I also have RA but it was diagnosed later.

    Medications have changed over the years and many people with the disease are living the lives they want. Be it climbing a mountain or concentrating on their career, or both, they are out there doing it. As you will be once you get a clear diagnosis and the right treatment. It is a slow journey but you will get there.

    All the best in your career.


  • I have seronegative arthropathy and have not got an answer yet. I do have Antiphospholipid syndrome diagnosed by specific tests that St Thomas' does that my local hospital does not do. It has been suggested that my GP refer me to a research hospital to see if they can shed light light on the soft swelling that mirror rheumatoid arthritis, but locally the tests are negative amd I am discharged. Talk to your GP and try and get their support to get a diagnosis. If it wasn't for St Thomas I still would be seronegative for APS

  • Hi bharadwajdaya,

    you need to get a definite diagnosis and if it turns out to be RA then as has been mentioned already it can be treated very successfully. There are also lots of things that you can do to help yourself whilst you are waiting for the diagnosis. For more information on RA take a look at our website:


    There is a lot of help and support on this site and there are many young people who have some form of inflammatory arthritis. Don't feel as if you are alone. You can contact the NRAS helpline at any time by whatever means is most suitable for you.



    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • I have the same problem. and until they figure out what we really have, the Drs have to treat it like RA. My Rhuemy says he has several patients with the same thing.

  • I have the same thing. My rheumatology doctor diagnosed me with seronegative RA. You can still have RA without that test being positive.

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