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Worried I might be getting depressed.

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Hi, some of you may remember that I had a shoulder replacement in the middle of November. It went really well and put an end to the awful pain I had been having for nearly two years. I am amazed at how good it is now.

However, for about the last two weeks I have been feeling very low in myself and am worried that I am getting depressed. I had depression and a breakdown in 2002 and have been on anti depressants since then and been ok all that time. I know that you are not doctors but I just wondered if any of you have experienced this after having a major operation under a general anesthetic. The more I think about it the more worried I am getting. I would have thought that after 6 weeks I would be back to normal.

In the past and after two much lesser ops, I have felt low and had some bouts of crying after just about two weeks but this time I haven't cried at all and was fine until about four weeks post-op.

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Yes I have this after operations for various things. One Gp said the anaesthetic is a poison and another said it is Post traumatic syndrome both offered medication I declined and eventually it went away. Hope this helps . See your Gp they maybe able to help

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Thank you for your reply J1707, may I ask how long it took for the feeling to go away please? I don't really want to go to my GP about it as I have so many other health problems and am already on anti depressants anyway.

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After my last operation it was supposed to be a quick 30 minutes op but ended up being 5 hours and I didn’t realise how much it effected me both physically and mentally ( always thought I was a strong person)I can honestly say it took over 3 months . I went to my Gp after 4 weeks. Now I think my Gp was right and it was PTS. My hairdresser says he can always tell when someone has had an anaesthetic as it effects their hair .... body poisoned? Our bodies take such a pounding during an operation and we think we should just bounce back. If you were in an accident and ended up with an injury you expect it to take time to recover... I think that’s how we should treat an operation.

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Hi HW.....

Have you thought you might just be coming down from the high of being so relieved that your shoulder operation is so successful & is now all over ?

As you have had depression before are you getting edgy, worrying if it’s going to come back?

But having a general anaesthetic does take a lot out of you ..... especially if you were quite fragile before .........as you were with the pain of your shoulder.

Another simple reason could be the stress of Christmas so soon after surgery? You say you have not had any teary episodes..... So you might just be feeling relieved....& not realise why?

Of course if these feelings carry on for much longer ....Do have a word with your GP but hopefully when 2020 arrives they will disappear.

I hope you have a Very Happy & Healthy New Year!

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Thank you for answering Aged. I think, as you have suggested, that having Christmas on top of everything has probably not helped. I have actually woken up this morning feeling much better, but now having read all of this, it has bought the feelings back. Oh dear. Maybe I shouldn't have posted on here.

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No you were right to post how you were feeling HW....... & until you re-read what you had written ....& some of the answers ....you were starting to calm down a bit weren’t you?

So stop reading for a couple of days & see how you feel.....if you don’t wake up feeling good most days, do have a chat with your GP....but it sounds as if you have turned the corner!

Take it easy on the bubbly on New Year’s Eve🍾🍸

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Thank you for taking an interest in me and my problems Aged. I am a lot better today. I have had a think about it all and I think that having had a major op only six weeks ago, being off mtx for six weeks and now my body getting used to being on it again and all that Christmas involves is probably the reason why.

Don't worry about me and the bubbly as I don't drink!

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I am not worried HW...just concerned that everything seemed to be getting on top of you...now you have taken a step back things are more in perspective aren’t they?

I’m happy to hear that things are settling down now.....I hope your shoulder is still progressing well.

I’m sure a glass of bubbly apple juice will help you have Happy New year🍸

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You need to speak to your GP

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Thank you Oshgosh.

holly-willow many good answers on here but the key to this is DON'T leave it, get it checked. Better to talk it out with your GP . And if you cant see a GP soon then call someone like MIND to talk through your concerns so you dont feel alone with it.


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Could it be depression due to environmental issues such as your op etc...? Have you thought about having CBT session? I find them really helpful as I can just let it all out so to speak. It may help?

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Thank you Cwendyn. I actually went on a six week pain mindfulness course back in the summer, so I may have a look through all we were told at the time.

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