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Do you follow any RA bloggers?

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Hi All

I am looking into a possible article for a future NRAS Members' magazine, on good RA bloggers. I am aware of a couple of them, but wondered if anyone on here follows an RA blogger that they would recommend others to follow? (The blogger doesn't have to be UK based.)

Many thanks

Victoria (NRAS Publication Resource Manager)

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I didn't know there were any but not surprised to find out there are.

I would be interested in following/ reading a regular blog/article.

Its great to have this forum & I look over the daily email but its very in formal when it comes to categorising topics. That said a lot of posts discuss or request support for RA from many different angles, the lack of ridged categories can be a good thing.

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I don't know any personally Victoria. Although I've heard of Giggles with Ra who posts on FB. A magazine such as that might encourage more bloggers and I'd certainly enjoy reading it. :-) Maybe some on here?

RA warrior & creakyjoints? Both US I think?

I have looked at a couple and some Facebook groups but thought no thanks not for me.

I believe there is one called RA Guy.

RA warrior x

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KittyJ in reply to Lyndy

I thought I would look up some of these suggestions from people here and I think I am finally getting old as I couldn’t work my way round this one and gave up 😔 It’s probably just me!

Outside of the groups in facebook this site is the only one I go to for info and I go here first with any

Have a look at LWRA Guy (living with RA) he is on insta and has a blog

Can I recommend myself?! '-) Not that I blog very often, because thankfully my RA is mostly under control now! I also follow Carla's Corner (US), Rhuemablog (But Wren from Rheumablog mostly tweets now rather than blogs) and All Flared Up ( Carla is the most active blogger - sadly also the most active arthrtis.

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StormySeas in reply to Penguin

Thanks Penguin. I had a look at your site - I have made a mental note not to let a random GP give me a steroid injection in the knee!

I also had a look at Carla's Corner, and then, as she writes so well, at her columns on Arthritis Net :

It's strange ... I've never looked at an RA blog before, maybe because it might be an admission I have the disease.

Thanks for the posts and I hope you continue to feel well and not need to blog so much.

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Penguin in reply to StormySeas

Good plan that - wish I'd thought of it at the time! LOL!! The hospital knee injection guy was fab though - so don't let me put you off altogether. :-)

Carla is terrific - I've even managed to meet up with her a couple of times when she's visited the UK.

I know what you mean about admitting you have the disease - a lot of people go through that I think. For me, I was so relieved to have a diagnosis, in a daft way I was almost happy to have it confirmed!

Here's hoping you have calmer seas ahead!

I do blog about my RA but that’s not exclusively what I blog about : Oreos and

Although I don't blog exclusively about my arthritis, I did do a lot of posts about my hip replacement as I didn't find many others out there about having a hip replacement at a younger age (40) because of arthritis so I thought it may be helpful to others... it's at if you Google "hip replacement at 40 beesley buzz" you should find some of the posts about it. I've also done some posts about when my pain has been really bad (back ache vs back pain) and a lot about my arthritis and how it affects when I trialled GOPO rosehip supplements.

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Hidden in reply to RebeccaMB

Hi RebeccaMB I saw your post and thought I'd let you know that I had my first hip replacement at age 36 and my second in 2014 (59). I live in Colorado, USA. I'm sure there are others out there like us. I too have severe back pain. In fact, I'm going to Ortho on Fri.,

11/22. When did you get RA? I'll check out your blogs later.

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RebeccaMB in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your message lady lavender. I found a couple of people one Instagram after my hip replacement who also had hip replacements fairly young (one in Canada and one in new zealand) both extremely amazing and inspirational but theirs was due to hip dysplasia so a bit different. My RA is technically JIA as it began when I was 10 years old. It remained isolated to the left hip at the time but in recent years it was my back pain that had become unbearable. I see chiropractor which seems to help and recently tried acupuncture too so im hoping to get some relief from that. Also i just got back from a week of sunshine in Mexico and that has been amazing for my back - lots of heat and time in the swimming pool! I need to move somewhere hot.

Hi Victoria ....I’m on Instagram as positive _rheumatoid ....the autoimmuneproject by Matt Brennan is good also lwra_guy and makeitcount4Dani are good positive ones 😊

I expect you're familiar with podcasts on

Excellent biomedical research commentary in monthly bites, mostly from Scottish NRAS patron, Prof. Iain McInnes. (How does he find the time?)

wd follow Kai if he were still on here :(

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Hi Victoria...Saw one here in USA...Niki Wyre who lives in Florida. She's quite remarkable!

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Hi all

Thank you so much for this great response. I will work my way through every one that's been mentioned. :)

Hi Victoria, This one's not RA but I've just come across Joel had JIA and Ankylosing Spondylitis and, since adulthood, Psoriatic Arthritis, and his blog is for all arthritis sufferers. It's quite a new blog - a couple of months old.

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