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Do you have flushes with RA



Can anyone enlighten me as I am due to go to the Rheumy clinic tomorrow and over the last couple of weeks, i have been having flushes but not sure if this is related to RA or if it is my imagination. I am in between meds at the moments as Hydroxy made me feel ill so only taking Arcoxia and had steriod injection 8 weeks ago. I am feeling pretty awful at the moment anyway with sore wrists, stiff fingers painful joints etc and also pain in ankles. I will be glad to get back to the clinic to see if they can start me on stronger meds as I feel dreadful. The fatigue is one of the worst things about it but can't explain to anyone as they don't really understand. I have also got someone in work who suffers with Osteo and she is mirroring my symptoms now which is really annoying. I am not talking to her about it any more, as eveytime i am in her vicinity she starts rubbing her wrists.

Sorry to go on but on final question, is it difficult to sleep properly at night with RA as over the last few weeks i have been unable to sleep and keep waking up every couple of hours which is really frustrating but don't know why. don't want to embarras myself at the clinic tomorrow if these symptoms are my imagination. I am quite new to RA as only diagnosed in July.

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Good morning i was diagnosed in june. i know what you are going through i have been going through the menopause for a couple of yrs so had hot fleshes before ra but since diagnosed the flushes have got worse so may be ra related also hopfully this will calm down for us both once our meds are sorted untill then we have to try to keep possitive xx

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what meds are you on at the moment and are they helping?

hi, I was diagnosed last xmas.

I can't comment on the hot flushes really as I am pre menopausal, but perhaps they are side effects of your meds? but with regards to sleeping I have been waking at night too. I had bad neck pain, which I saw a physio for, as it wasn't anything to do with the RA, just a bad neck! I still sleep poorly from time to time, just not being able to get comfortable. I think pain is worse at night, cos you tend to focus on it, its the only thing you can think about, but in the day you busy yourself and get on with things. is there particular area(s) of pain that you get, or just general uncomfortable-ness? Do you take any painkillers? perhaps you could take painkillers before you go to bed, paracetamol might even be enough? I tend to listen to my ipod when I helps get me back off to sleep.

good luck x

Hi Debbie, I am afraid that fatigue is one of the big ones with RA. We all suffer from it and some days are worse than others when you feel you cannot even drag yourself out of bed. Difficulty sleeping at night is also part of it - often caused by the pain in the joints which make it difficult to turn over without waking up. I usually wake several times a night particularly as I have to partly sit up to turn over! It is not your imagination at all. Do mention it to the clinic when you see them.

I also had to come off Hydroxy as it did not suit me at all. They may put you onto Methotrexate each week either by tablets or injections which does help to reduce inflammation and pain. Mention it to the clinic as you clearly need meds which will control pain. They may also consider a bit further down the line, of putting you onto anti tnf medication which also helps to prevent further damage to joints.

Can't remember particularly hot flushes associated with RA. I am through the menopause now but stll get the occasional hot flush and night sweat which I assume may be the RA but not sure. Worth mentioning at the clinic I would think.

Hope all goes well. I was diagnosed nearly 4 years ago and still trying to work this disease out! NRAS have some very helpful booklets about it, if you have a look at their website. Best wishes. LavendarLady x

Have been taking methotrexate tabs and sulvazalazine have yesterday changed to meth injection as tabs making me sick they have helped a little but i am now going on a research triel a d will be having either ant tnf or rituximab but i wont know which untill today as it is randomised xxx

Hi Debbie,

I have been getting night sweats for years and wasnt sure if it was ra or diabetes, but I am now going through the menopause and its got a lot worse.

High sugar doesnt seem to help either. I also sweat (head only) in the daytime and look like someone has dumped a bucket of water on my head. I really hate it, it must look like I have some tropical disease.

Off to the doc tomorrow to find out if I can use a cream called Wellsprings serenity, which hopefully will not affect my tablets etc.

I'll let you know if it works.


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Hi, love your description of bucket of water over head - I have this and at first it was so distressing especially if out with people. Now I cannot care less , I just say 'ignore me it'll stop in a minute' and wipe my face. But it is distressing as it comes on at any time.

Not related to your question but Just a thought about feeling nauseous with MTX - I take it before doing something really nice so I can try to focus on something else. Also sucking Werther sweeties is very nice. I also take it every 8 days, bet I have some comments on that one?

Just reading other members blog and I have just discovered that sitting up in bed is quite lovely with lots of pillows. Hubby and I have same bed but separate single duvets! Mine is a silk one and so light it causes no pain with weight. Ask for one for Christmas!?

Cheers, jan

Hi Debbie,

I think probably is the M word, I am finished that now, had an early one, I found that with the RA diagnosis the hot flushes especially the night time back of neck,& chest sweats did get really really bad for a while, was never sure if was inflammation plus meno, it has all disappated now thankfully seemed to reach a cresendo, and at the same time my meds kicked in the meno symtoms subsided.

Good luck hon.

Don't worry about embarassing yourself at the clinic.Make a list of all your symptoms and take it with you .The doctor needs to understand the full picture so he/she can prescibe the right meds.

I have trouble sleeping sometimes even with pain meds - i think its just one of the many side effects of RA unfortunately but mention at the clinic

Good luck tomorrow



I have been thru menopause but still get flushes which I think is down to RA - am on oral methatrexate. I do think it might be the RA causing flushes - when you feel generally unwell as if you have the flu or a cold coming. I get nausea day after taking meth but just put up with it as it isnt too bad and helps me not eat so much!! Flushes are frustrating at night but not too bad now so your body may get used to it. I also have to sit up sometimes to turn over in bed - how weird is that? Take a soluble paracetemol before bed as that works quickly and may help sleeplessness. I'm off to the consultant tomorrow and I agree - make a list of all the problems you've had and make sure the dr. addresses them. When fatigue sets in I just rest but do some stretching if I can to stop myself seizing up. Bad ankle at the moment so am missing my walks which adds to frustration! Had RA for 10 years and it's rotten as RA is not just about painful joints is it? Use ice and heat on pain and if you feel like crying - cry! Hope all goes well with the doc.

Lynn x

Hi all...I also started to have this unexplainable feeling of chills to the point of maybe the feeling of sweating and just flu like weak feelings. Just awful. Well the true problem was the Meth as it was stopping working for me. The doc was puzzled and love when they look at you like your bats in the head. It seems it effects your hormones also as this is the only answer for this.Cant take the Meth no longer as it makes me sick now. Went from no side effects with this drug for over 2 yrs. to complete rejection to it. Why? Nobody knows. I am finding out its trial and error with RA. They just keep giving you drugs to see what drug works. None of them can tell me they have this disease down pat as its a guessing game.You really have to be your own Doctor sometimes. Sleeping is a problem so I find that if I sit up more at night I dont wake up as much.Surround yourself with pillows at night in bed. I almost incase myself with them lol. It helps me...good luck.

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I was diagnosed in Feb this year -- my hot flushes ( if that is what they are ) have increased since taking MTX had the flu jab recently so hope to keep well.

All the best and take care


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