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Ccp antibody


My first time on here iv just been diagnosed with RA I have had steroid injections and I’m starting methotrexate tomorrow. My question is my ccp antibody level was 289.2 today. I know it should be between 0-19 so this seems very high to me. Has anyone else had a high levels like these

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Yes. The books have it that the higher level you have then the more aggressive your disease will be. But that’s not necessarily the reality as with the modern treatments everything has changed and even aggressive disease can be tamed and put in remission quite quickly.

Try not to fret and focus on looking after yourself.

Thank you for replying and your kind advise

Yes mine was way up there came down quite quickly when I went on to don’t worry.

When you are first diagnosed your best not to worry about your blood results.....with Dr Google....just listen to your rheumatologist & take the medication he prescribes....time enough to,start understanding blood tests when you are settled on your medication.

Every single one of us has a different reaction to different drugs ....some of our blood tests go up and down, others stay level for a long time but at first we don’t really need to understand why long as our doctor does.

In the beginning we have enough to worry about keeping well without stressing to understand blood results.

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Thank you for replying

Oh yes mine was high like yours and I've tried a few drugs but I think my RA is finally coming under control. My consultant has reassured me that with the range of drugs available he will find one or a combination of several that will work well for me and I trust his judgement.

Helixhelix and AgedCrone have given good advice: try not to fret, look after yourself and be guided by your consultant. And when you need support and encouragement we are here for you. Good luck.

Thank you for your kind advise

Hi Gailrossi everybody’s different with the effects off methotrexate but I’ve found it helps me, I take 20mgs injections and have been for 4 years,the day after can be a wee bit off but I take mines at bed time so am not too bad next day, drink plenty off water it helps and it can take up to 12 weeks to work properly, good luck xxx

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Thank you

Hi mine was in the 600 or 700 hundreds cant remember exact number but consultant say to pay no attention its just means your not borderline.

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Thank you

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