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Hi everyone

Has anyone tried flaxseed oil or supplement to help with their RA ? Just thought I would ask as I have been reading up on it.

Ps if your in the U.K it will actualy be sunny for the next two days...hooray.☺

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I tried it around menopause but not tried it for RA. Used to sprinkle some on my porridge 😃

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Lol...any good?

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Ha ha 😂 gave me indigestion! a lot of seeds do e.g sesame seeds, but I did switch to soya milk & yoghurts and took a supplement which contained flax seed (Menopace Plus) it all really helped with menopause symptoms. However, that's around the time my RA symptoms started 🙄

... only to combat constipation caused by drugs - recommend by GP. Apparently contains Vit E good for skin etc.


I take it for dry eye. I used to take 6X 1000mg capsules and now I take 4X my ophthalmologist could tell the difference when I dropped below 4X. I’ve no measure on what it does or doesn’t do for my RA.


I eat some every day as I put it in my home made granola. I only started doing this about a year ago and never noticed any effect of the RA tho’. I add it for the mineral and vitamin content.

I have been tricked so many times out of desperation to help with pain and constant RA flares.

Remember Rheumatoid Arthritis (an auto-immune disease) is different than regular arthritis!

Flaxseed. There are many good nutritional reasons to add it to your diet, but studies of its effect on arthritis have shown mixed results. Its anti-inflammatory properties work best if other vegetable-based oils are restricted.


Nah -- Allergic to flax.,..

I've been taking a flax seed supplement since I was diagnosed with RA in January 2016. My rheumy actually recommended it for me & I feel it's help some.

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