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Just come from the doctors after another bloodtest🙄my doctors favourite option for me. Tendons in foot have started to cause pain and limp again today along side fatigue means yet another flare up. My bloods are good again 🙄s-negative rarely show flare up.GP said need to see Rheummy told him still waiting for a cancellation he can’t see me till August. GP said rest take time off work. Took 4 days off last week I told him.GPs reply oh well warm weather coming that will make you feel better. Told him I’m worse in hot weather much better in the cold. His reply really? Joints are much better in hotter weather he found.

I don’t make it up agggggggggggh😤🤬feel like banging my head off a brick wall !!!!!

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J1707, I believe you! Even GPs often have no idea and don’t realise that your description of symptoms is accurate, not exaggeration.

Maybe you could call Rheumatology and ask them to tell GP you need eg steroids to keep you comfortable meantime?

My Rheumatology did that for me. I am blessed to have good nurses and consultant.

Hope you get some relief soon.

I wonder if some GPs actually understand the difference between OA and RA, you have my understanding, I believe you. I've have so much rubbish spoken to me over the years by people who should know better. GPs are inevitably front of the queue.

Look after yourself.

This is just the opportunity to do some education! I can remember exploding at a GP who said that I must expect painful joints at my age...but once I calmed down and pointed out that he hadn't read my notes and went on to explain the difference between OA and RD, he was fine and has been much better ever since!

Mine is decent enough to ask how I'm feeling and to let me allocate my problems into either camp.

Hopefully, he won't retire soon (Must check that out) or I'll have to re-educate his replacement. Lol.

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