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Does any one have real bad bowel movements? I just started 3 weeks ago an almost had to go to er. My nurse told me what to do an I found some relief. I always had normal movements but the last weeks I been doing Miralax, suppositories added fiber to my meals. Just so scary. I still having issues. I going have to go back an see gastrointestinal specialist. I have sciatic nerve issues an this new thing is not comfortable. I am on lots of different meds but my thing out of all these years why now. Last year I had diarrhea an they wanted to take my gallbladder out. I was going to let them do it but I was admitted in hospital an they looked at my test an said my gallbladder was find. So of course I wouldn't let them take it out. I just PRAY it's not something major.

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I've dealt with constipation my entire life. It got even worse a few years ago when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (my first AI diagnosis). Miralax is my daily routine. Taking magnesium oxide helps, too, as does drinking hot coffee/tea first thing in the morning. It's very uncomfortable and can make you absolutely miserable. I hope you get some answers.

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I dealt with b.s system for months wasn't til I threw up it clicked in me - MILK / DAIRY - LACTOSE INTOLERANT I AM !!


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