RA and constipation

Some of you will possibly be a little offended at this sensitive subject, but I will continue regardless.

As you are probably aware, the amount of drugs us RA sufferers consume, can cause a few problems in the movement department. (Internal as well as external).

After spending a number of hours in the bathroom, I decide to rectify the problem. (No pun intended.) Prior to RA when I have suffered this little problem, I have found that dried apricots do the trick.

So I sit down to enjoy the lovely Monty Halls on the Great Barrier Reef...I love it when he dons his wetsuit...yum!, and before I know it, the entire bag of apricots has disappeared. (He distracts me easily.) Not thinking anything of it, I flop into bed once Monty has disappeared from my screen.

An hour or so later, I feel the full blown effects. (Again, no pun intended.) A 2 yr pregnancy has appeared in my stomach...(I was not visited by GOD) and I could have composed a symphony with the rumblings. I shall say no more other than my derriere could have launched the next NASA space rocket.

The moral of this tale is patently obvious!

Samcat :0

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Glad you have found appriocots help!

Me unfortunatly have to drink the horid Movicol drinks and my GP thinks he is helping by giving me chocolate flavour ones!

Ive always suffered consipation since I had my appendix removed, no idea if theres a link but thats when it started, and since ra and all the meds its been worse.

Been undergoing scans, etc due to problems Ive been having but hopefully all will be ok and its just down to the extra ra meds.


I certaintly know about being a pain the a""e,i have had to have a heamroidectomy. Sorry about the spelling. It is pretty uncompfortable so i understand what your suffering.

Monty halls is a bit of all right. Have seen hawaii five o they are a bit of alright as well.



This has often been a problem for me too, its a horrible thing... I find a sachet of fibrogel at night does the trick! must try apricots now. This is one of the reasons I never take codeine, and go very easy with pain relief, thats what causes it for me.

Who the H... is Monty Halls! have to look into that :)

x Gina.


I should be so lucky - my tendency is the total opposite. You'd only have to show me a picture of a dried apricot to get a reaction. And as for chocolate, its the nearest I come to doing the 4 minute mile. So while delighted that I've nearly weaned myself of the co-codamol, it's a shame for other reasons.....


He's gorgeous. I like my men to look like men. He's hunky. He works in wildlife. I like watching wildlife programmes, there are a few hunky men there.



Oh I don't think I can do hunks of men and poo (or absence of poo) all in one session it's too disturbing? My breakfast of homemade muesli with pistachios, almonds dried cranberries and apricots plus lots of different seeds plus soya mild and berries usually does the trick daily whatever meds I'm on - the only exception being diclofenac which blocked me up so badly that I went beserk - but then it doesn't take much. TTx



I am changing from diclo to Naprosyn, will keep u posted.



Hi Samcat, thanks for the good laugh about your internal rumblings. It really cheered me up on a wet windy (!) day.

All the drugs we take do cause problems with our plumbing so I don't think anyone could possibly be offended by the subject! We have talked about worse than constipation!

I use Fibregel if I get clogged up - It comes in a single dose sachet. Take it at night in a glass of water and the problem is usually solved the next day! It comes in either orange or lemon flavour and I can recommend it.

Hope you are back to "normal" now. Love LavendarLady x



I must be odd as I have not been constipated, but the complete opposite. I have diarrhoea and loose stools caused by mtx and the steroids give me flatulence. Especially at nite time.

I use to drink prune juice when I had problems with constipation as its a problem when you have a wheat allergy pre ra that is.

Sci x


I'm still chucking at your dilemma, I find fresh grapes to be quite efficient! Can't wait to see how you make us chuckle tomorrow! You go girl!


Oh Sciqueen, I am in the same boat, lots of loose stools & gas aplenty. I had a pain on my left side & went to probably 10 different doctors and had lots of tests over a two year period and one finally said that I had IBS-Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This can mean constipation & diarrhea in the same bowel movement, or diarrhea for days on end, etc. I never know what will come out next. ha.

The only thing I have found to combat my left side pain-that is part of IBS, is a Fiber Choice fiber pill-chewed first thing in the morning. The internet does not say that Fiber helps IBS, but it does for me.

I've had constipation my whole life, I got to eat Fig Newtons when I was a little girl, and my siblings didn't get any. I don't remember my parents encouraging me to drink more water though. Although I drink a lot of water now-mostly to discourage kidney stones from forming-again. I've had them 3 times, and I take medication for it too. Exercise also helps to combat them.

I will try dried apricots & grapes, I like both of those. I do need to eat more fruit & fiber too.



I tend to be the opposite except when i was taking large doses of codeine


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