Still I rise (Maya Angelou)

So.....after my miserable blog yesterday I thought I'd just let you know what a good day I've had today.

I woke up determined to do what I could to take control of my body and get some motivation back in my life. My weight is gradually reducing and I want to keep that going (hard work as I'm a comfort/binge eater and have to use a lot of distraction techniques to overcome my cravings). I'm also determined to get off this blooming couch and out of the house a bit more because I can feel myself becoming defeatist.

I spent the afternoon visiting a couple of leisure centres to see what they had to offer. I had already been in contact by phone to the one at Ivybridge and have been given a 7 day free pass so I thought I'd observe the chair based classes there first.

What a lovely time I had! There are some exercises which, at the moment, would be too much for me but everyone was so welcoming and I can't wait to join in next week. The instructor really seemed to know her stuff and has been trained in GP referral assessments so is happy to let you find your own pace and offer alternative movements.

Most of the class members then go on to have a swim also which looked so, so inviting and to my relief, not filled with greek Gods and Goddesses.

The staff there couldn't have been more helpful and will happily suspend my membership when I have my op for as long as it takes for my ankle to heal.

I then went onto Totnes Leisure centre who were just as helpful and have also given me a free trial pass for their 'rescue your body' class which I will observe tomorrow.

Bring out the dayglo lycra..............I'm on my way.


ps I mentioned the names of the centres just in case some of you wanted to avoid them while I was doing the lycra bounce.

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  • Why would anyone want to avoid you,i think if they are on this site and live near you they would want to join you, know i would. xxx

  • Aw, thanks Sylvi. It was more to do with the vision of me bouncing up and down in the lycra - doesn't bear thinking about!!

    Glad you saw a little bit of sun today. Were people out in the street looking up at the sky and wondering what it was?

  • Yes,but they wouldn't have seen much of it today. Its poured again. I am begining to think i will be glad to be

  • Hi Judy

    Where down in Totnes (staying near there) for our summer hols this summer, sometime in August. It's only a week and we have to entertain a 14 yr old, but as its an area we have visitied often in the past, we should keep him busy and not complaining too much.

    I think its great that you are trying to get about more & the leisure centres seem most accommodating. It's also a way to meet new peps. Well done you :)

    Have a good time trying out all these various facilities

    Joanne x

  • PS I've read the book :)

  • There's a new climbing centre just outside Totnes (off the A38). Sounds like the sort of thing a 14year old might like.

  • Me too - bye bye Orkney Totnes here I come!!? TTx

  • Anyone coming down this way is welcome to pop in for a cuppa. xx

  • great blog, just what we need , motivation , i keep trying then i end up thinking why bother?, but having read this its got me going again, enjoy your classes, if i lived there i would join you, thank you , sue x

  • It would be lovely to have the company Sue. I'll keep you posted about how I get on.


  • you are an inspiration. i am still sitting, no want or inclination to move too far away from the seat, only to do the necessary like go to work or the dreaded housework, or care for my two youngsters. I might get some energy when i am off all next week - a week of annual leave.

  • You are kidding Mads - Two young children, house and work??? You don't need exercise, you need a lie down. Hope you get the chance next week.

    Take care


  • i know it does sound good but i kid you not there is a lot of time just sitting and my widening posterior.

    The only thing that i have been doing which is positive is eliminating food stuffs, so far caffeine - think i have that conquered now. Then diary, real big fan of cheese so that is a bit hard, and now sugar - finding that really really hard keep slipping up. I find it difficult to not snack so i am eating my way through so much fruit.

    ANyway really do need to get off the chair......

  • Widening posterior hehehe, that's one way to put it ....

  • Up north we have a a two word saying, consisting of 3 letters each word, basically means same as widening posterior :)

  • Yes i can think of quite a few sayings that fit that but all are just too cruel for my tender ears to hear.

  • ILMOA :)

  • och, ILMAO even haha

  • Wilby i am too old to understand this

  • haha, I think your younger than me!!

    I Laugh My Ass OFF


  • in my case LMFAO (laugh my fat ass off!!) ;) Axx

  • Dayglo lycra, oh my ... :)

  • That's so good to hear! The first step is always the hardest, so you're on your way now. From rbeing a complete couch potato, i now enjoy the exercise I do and really find it helps the pain. And if i don't do something every day i just seize up now. But haven't got over my fear of Lycra yet...Polly x

  • Never mind all - you are at least doing wonders for Pete's fevered imaginings! TTx

  • Well, its like saying ... a bloke in spandex speedoes :)

  • Like the girls below the thought emm well, emmm no nothing.....

  • Don't pete the thought is scary!!

  • ha ha ha ha you have me laugh Sylvi, my girls keep saying mummy stop smirking at the computer, you are creeping us out,

  • Noooo to the spandex speedos...or budgie smugglers as I prefer to call them. They should be illegal.

  • Hmmm I'm not moved Pete - I'm a sad romantic so neither lycra or spandex speedoes do much for me sorry! TTx

  • Now daniel graig i might make an exception!!

  • oh yes Sylvi, we'd excuse him for anything, knew you had good taste x

  • I like my men to look like men,not namby pamby boys that are about today. I will make an exception my a certain mr depp now he is free. xx

  • Yep, Johnnies been waiting for me! I know, whats with all the shaving bits that men really shouldn't shave/wax, yeuck x

  • I'm with Tilda on this one Pete. :-)

  • I've just watched a sloppy film and needed cheering up this blog has done that big time, PS I have been waiting for my tea cake dough to rise! so won't be joining the weight loss just yet!! I thought it would be good to walk out yesterday but after only 1/2 hour had old age pensioners running past me!! I need a 'make over' as 50 something's shouldn't be overtaken by the U3A(university of the 3rd age)!!!!Like Sylvie eat my scones and cream can you excersize for me PLEASE. as for Pete!well! keep us smiling....

  • I can't exercise myself either,i'm thinking about starting swimming soon.

    I have watchlms this week,best exotic marigold hotel with judi dench and red with helen mirren, both worth a look as theyare

  • I've just been to see the 'Rescue your body' class which was also pretty good and concentrates on keeping every joint as mobile as possible without any bouncing up and down (steady Pete!).

    I'll join in with my free pass next week but am beginning to feel that observation is possibly my favourite form of exercise. (not really)

    I'm also slightly worried about how delicate the stools look!! I would be mortified if the legs started to buckle on mine - Oh the shame of it!

    Caggy - I'll do an extra couple of stretches for you but I think I'm going to have to watch my over enthusiastic far I have pencilled in aqua fit on Monday, flexercise and swim on Wednesday, Rescue your body on Thursday and 50 + swim on Friday.

    A bit of overkill maybe?

    Thanks for the encouragement guys.


  • just to add, as some of you know already, I go to Curves gym (women only) and love it, has helped build muscle strength, confidence and fitness.

  • Have loved reading this blogs and all the comments xx

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