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Suddenly no pain??

I am very panicked right now; my girlfriend has RA and Fibromyalgia; she's had RA for 4 years and as you probably know she's had joint pain every single moment of her life since, but she hasn't been treated for RA for the past year because the Drs say she's not 'bad enough'.

This morning she woke up stiff and aching, completely normal for her, but she's just woken up from a nap and suddenly she has NO pain whatsoever in her joints.

You'd think this was a good thing but now I'm worried that this means the RA has moved onto her organs or something. (My brain went to compare it to hypothermia; you're freezing but after a while you feel warm - and that's the most dangerous part).

I guess I'm looking for some reassurance or advice, its Sunday so the GP isn't open and she doesn't want to call the non emergency number.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or know what this means? Is it worth our concern or should she just enjoy it while it lasts?

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Enjoy it....I’m not a doctor but to me no pain = no inflammation = no damage. It’s inflammation that damages organs as well as joints, and yes RA can be sneaky but I’d try not to worry. At some point ask for blood tests to check inflammation levels just in case.


It's not that uncommon to get spells when people with RD feel a bit better, enjoy without doing too much and exhausting your girlfriend.

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As others have said, make the most of the good spells. Just be careful as it is so easy to overdo it when you feel good and then you pay for it after.


Enjoy it while it lasts without overdoing it!! 🤗 xx


Yes, enjoy it while it lasts. I think if your organs were affected you would have symptoms but I’m not a medic so... I hope that the improvements continue. There’s hope for us all 😊


It's absolutely a good thing, agree with what others have said, enjoy it, try not to overdo it, and don't worry :)


Enjoy it , when you well do everything you can ,


I get days on and off when I can walk normally without pain. I’ve learned to just enjoy it while it lasts. I also learned the hard way not to overdo it because I suffered a flare after only gardening but I did a lot of weed pulling and clean up. I don’t have any idea why I get those pain free days but they are wonderful.


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