I was under Trafford hospital, since 20002, I have been trying to get infliximab there for the last two yrs. I moved to north manchester 6yrs ago, I was still going to Trafford up to February, this year, it was getting too much for me, and I had seen the consultant once in all those yrs. I asked my gp to refer me to north m/c , well since then I have been once, after 3app were canceled and. That was in early august. From my gp referral in March, is this a joke or what..? When I did go, I seen a consultant who was just standing in for that day, there was no referral, or info of me at all. And it got a second app for October as to what treatment would be best for me. That app was canceled can imagine how I feel, staff told me there were no rhumatologists , as most of them have moved, ? I went back to my gp, and asked for anther referral to the royal infirmary, m/c. I received a letter this morning from HHS choices, I can go to the royal infirmary/ Fairfield General/ or Rochdale infirmary? I really don't no where's best, so I can actually see somebody soon. I no the nhs has so gone downhill, does anybody no, witch one I should choose, as I am now at the end of my tether with it all. Thank you. Shazza60.

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  • Can you find anything out if you have computer or ask GP tell them what happened and how you felt about you were treated, better still if you have no choice tell these doctors who you have been let down by, they are not GODS, I told one off one time not for RA, just by the way he spoke to me.Good Luck xx

  • Thanx for replying, it's a joke, I got letter Friday with choice of five hospitals to make appointment tomorrow. And I hope I don't have to wait months again, my very first consultant was ignorant, and no patients, and I seen him twice for five minuets in 10yrd, "joke" x

  • Hi Shazza,

    I can't help with the Manchester area hospitals as I'm quite a bit further north than you - but just wanted to say 'Hi and welcome to the site' and make a few suggestions:-}

    If you google each hospital for a link to their website, then choose 'Rheumatology' under the list of departments - or it may be MSU [musculo-skeletal unit] . This should bring you to a list of staff - and consultant rheumatologists. A lot of them are also in private practice so if you google them by name and title you will find them flagged up by Bupa or Spire or some other private hospital - if you click on the link for the hospital you will be able to look at their training, biography, areas of special interest etc. Some NHS hospitals also have this info on their sites:-}

    Hope this helps! NB not in the habit of stalking rheumatologists but my consultant recently left after 14 years and I've been researching my options!

    Cece x

  • Ha ha. Me too. My consultant retired, so I have googled my new one. But I am not a stalker either!

  • Hi, how bad are you with your illness ? And thank you for the reply. X

  • Difficult question. Under control, but on 3 DMARDs, and always tired.

  • Thank you for replying Cece , I have been looking at the consultants and I think I will go for manchester royal. Yes it tell you about were they trained ect, I may have more chance of them letting me try infliximab, as it's a training hospital, and am hoping I can get an appointment very soon, "living in hope lol," x

  • I would go fir the Manchester Royal, but in saying that they're nearly all training hospitals if you are not happy with treatment speak up :) Good Luck

  • I am going to try the royal, I assume in the last 2yrs they think because I look ok, that I must be ok, ? I asked my gp would it be because of the expense of the treatment that they wouldn't try me on infliximab,and he said no. I will see what They say at the royal, when I get the app. X

  • Write down all your problems. Imagine your worst day and all the things you can't do. So when you see the doctor, you can tell them how bad things are, even if you look well.

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