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Methotrexate not working & now chronic neck pain


Hi, I'm desperately in need of advice. I was diagnosed with RA a year ago after my left wrist swelled up. I'd had an accident just prior to the diagnosis. I was placed on Methotrexate immediately and given a steroid injection. A few weeks later the wrist pain came back, along with neck pain. Again, I was given a steroid injection, which only worked temporarily. It's been a year now, the consultant has admitted that the Methotrexate hasn't worked. I was told that before any new drugs could be prescribed, I'd need physio and an ultrasound on my wrist. I explained that my wrist pain is secondary now, and that my neck bothers me 24/7, even with maximum NSAIDs, but they just keep saying that it's 'wear and tear' due to my age. I'm 49 and was cycling 130 miles in a day just over a year ago with NO pain. Whenever I get flare-ups, it affects both my wrist and neck, so I feel they're most definitely linked. I feel worse and worse each day, probably as I'm suffering irreparable joint damage, but no one is listening. My neck grinding gets a little worse each day, so I refuse to believe that it's age-related. I'm so frustrated with this thing.

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Hi Dave

I was diagnosed a year ago with aggressive RA, I had a very sore and stiff neck but conultant did not believe it was rhumatoid related, which I disagree with. I was sent for physio and the exercises have cured the pain in my neck. I hope you have some success in managing your health x

Hi Fiona,

Thank you so much for your reply. It gives me hope that the physio will work. I'm a bit worried about the horrible grinding noises and clicking in my neck though! I don't know if you had this too?



dave, I had the most awful neck pain shortly after I first presented with my RD symptoms. I also have raynaulds and get fat sausage fingers, the fat fingers are linked to my neck.

My neck has been xrayed - cervical spondylosis with OA degeneration and forward shift of C3/4. That said when my RD is bad, so is my neck. RD good so is my neck. My neck also gets hot when the RD is bad.

But I manage it well now.

Ask for physio, it has helped me a lot. Simple things like getting a good pillow help. Or roll a small handtowel into a sausage shape , put into your pillow case for neck support.

Try a heat pad on your neck for 15 mins, remove, then gently turn your neck to the right as far as it will go, without straining, hold for 5 seconds. Repeat to the left. Try to do 3 times each way.

Then apply the heat again.

Keep looking forward, tilt your head the side as if you are trying to get your ear on your shoulder, hold for 5 seconds. Don't strain, repeat on other side. Reapply the heat.

Increase the number of times you do this as your neck loosens off. Never strain.

Stand under a hot shower ehen your neck is bad and try the above movements.

Don't sit on hard seats for too long.

Sit on a high backed sofa/ chair that supports your neck and shoulders, rest into the sofa when sitting.

Hope this helps a wee bit.

Ouch! Sounds awful. I have a client that’s a specialist with neck realignment. She’s the only one in the UK and people fly from all sorts of places to see her. I’m not going to put a link to her site, but if you’re interested in seeing what she does, google NUCCA. She’s also a doctor. She’s not cheap though! It may help if it’s not RA related as your rheumy is suggesting.

Ask your doctor for Ralvo 700mg medicated plasters that work wonders

I am on gabapenten for neck issues.Helps get me through the night.

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