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Hi all

Been having a rotten few days, headaches, stomach stuff, screaming joints, low fever. Doc says to tough it out x 7 days. As if I have a choice! Eating BRAT diet. Trying to stay hydrated.

Yes I had a flu shot. This is supposedly viral. Got worse tho after my Enbrel shot on Tuesday. Coincidence? Don’t know.

On the good side: got an amazing new house, one floor only- no stairs! Nice yard for kids and puppies. And moving end of month. Nothing packed.


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Nice to read a good ending to to a sad start.xxxx

Sorry to hear you have a bug - and it's worth waiting rather than going for the option of antibiotics immediately when it's probably viral - remember the flu jab only protects against a range of influenza bugs, not all the other hundreds and thousands of other types of virus out there.

But you have definitely got something good to look forward to!

Good news, bad news eh? I sincerely wish you better and happiness in your new home

Ahh that's great news on your good news, so happy for you, sorry your feeling not very well, hope you feel better soon x

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