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I haven't been on here for a while, I was wondering if anyone is taking sulfasalazine on its own? I am starting these tonight, also do they help?

I have been on methotrexate for 9 weeks and had my routine appointment on Monday. I mentioned that I have developed an annoying cough since being on this, so have been advised to stop them for a while. It's such a shame because I was dreading started them due to other peoples side effects. But I got on with them quite well apart from the cough and a little extra tired.

So for the time being I'm just to take sulfasalazine and my usual pain relief, hope I get on as well with these. Although it was just 9 weeks on methotrexate and it usually takes 12 weeks to work best, It didn't reduce any of the pain in my left collar bone, shoulder, elbow & arm. Some days I can hardly use my arm as it's so weak and painful. I've had a shot it steriod too but nothing so far is making it better. ( it's been like it since sept )

Has anyone else's joints got better from taking sulfasalazine alone??

Thanks Sandra :)

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  • Hi when I was first diagnosed with ra positive factor about 12 years ago i was put on sulphazalazine. It was nothing short of a miracle for around 5 years then it started to wear off. I had no side affects either. I am now back on after a few years break (couldn't tolerate mtx) along with Embrel. The consultant is thinking it could work again with the embrel aswell. I've been on it again so far for about 3 months and I THINK it's working .. The embrel is another miracle drug so both together should be a good team... Fingers crossed. I really hope it's successful for you too x x

  • Thanks for you reply, I feel more positive now :)

  • I take it alone as my liver won't tolerate anything else. My RA seems to be affected by what I eat, so as long as I eat mostly meat and veggies and take the sulfasalazine, I get along okay. If I eat too much cake, bread, or cereal, the pain returns. Good luck to you.

  • That's interesting what you say about diet, I eat lots of bread,cakes etc. I think I'll cut back and see what happens. When I see my rheumy they have never mentioned that what I eat can effect my arthritis. Thanks for advise x

  • I found out by accident whe I went on a low carb diet before my daughter's wedding. I've noticed since, every time I add those kinds of carbs back in, I flare. I've read up a bit after googling diet for RA.

  • I wonder if your gluten intolerant deb or have coeliac disease? Have you been tested?

  • I was tested to celiacs and surprisingly came up negative.

  • Oh. Were u eating gluten when u were tested cos u have to be for the antibodies show up. In uk they recommend wheat twice a day for 6 weeks. Very hard if ur suffering. My son has coeliac disease.

  • That is a good question. I don't remember if I was eating wheat or not. If I was, it wasn't for long. A lot of pain went away when I stopped eating cereal for breakfast. I can eat a sandwich now and then without much effect, but if I eat it two days in a row, I'll be hobbling around for days. What symptons did your son have that lead him to be tested?

  • hi 02tkwillx. I was on mtx but like yourself and developed a cough. I also had breathing problems and ended up in hospital. I am now only sulfasalazine since September 14. My experience to date is that the pain is still there but getting better. I was told they can take up to six months to be fully effective so , I will keep you posted of my progress.

    I also suffer from IBS which was mostly constipation, the sulfasalazine has sorted it out. Take care


  • That's brilliant that it helps with two problems. I really hope it it works for me, it's the third medication that I've been on (as they say, third time lucky) would like to hear your progress, good luck x

  • Thank you

  • Hi otkwilllx. Hope you had a good Christmas day. I have stated to feel better. Pain is getting better and mood in inproving every day. How are you?

  • Hi shazmill

    That's great news that you are feeling better. Unfortunately my pain, stiffness & swelling is still the same. It's my 3rd week on sulfasalazine so today I will start taking 3 tablets. How long have you been on them for and do you take them alone? I am waiting to have steriods by intravenous, hopefully next week. I can't wait to feel a little better especially because I need to have energy as we are moving house very soon. The thought of packing in my state is worrying but my husband is very good and I'm sure he will do most of it.

    Sandra x

  • I started taking salfa since September 14. I take 2 tablets twice a day.

    For the first week I took 1 tablet on a morning. 2nd week 1 in morning 1 in the evening . 3rd week 2 in the morning 1 the evening. 4th week 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. Hope this helps. It does take a while though.

  • That's given me hope, I really hope they work for me too. I have a long way to go as it's only my 3rd week. But it's so good to hear when it works for others.

    Sandra :)

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