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Been contacted by Rheumy nurse today that specialist will be trying me on myself into a bit of a tiz, full on breakdown, over the side effects.

Already tried and reacted badly to Benepali & Abatacept. I know I need to try others, depo injections are only easing pain for 6-8weeks, but I am so nervous I will react the same way that I'm not sure if any symptoms then all are just in my head ITMS.

Bit of a pointless post but know some of you that have bad reactions to these drugs may know where I'm coming from.

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I have been on Cimzia for several years now. My only issue is that when I injected in my thighs I got a slight reaction at the injection site. I now use the belly for my injections. I hope it works as well for you as it does for me.

You could try putting in Cimzia in the search box for information from past posts?

And have a look at the pages on the NRAS website for information too so that you don't get the side effects out of proportion.

Anything that works is going to have side effects unfortunately - it's whether your body can cope with them that matters!

I was due to start cimzia few months back but due to reoccurring infections it keeps getting put off, I went to see my rheumy nurse yesterday for a depo injection and she told me to come back on the 1st Feb to get it all sorted. I like you have nearly had a canary fit after reading the possible side effects they scare the hell out of me!!

Hi Tabitha,

I've recently (9weeks ago) been put on Cimzia and have had no adverse reactions only minor side affects ie: sinus congestion, and dry patches on my legs. Please try not to worry to much as stress is no good for your condition. Good luck and I hope it all goes well. X

Hi I have been on Cimzia for quite a few years now and I have very few side effects. It has helped my condition and together with methotrexate it gave me my life back. I was very concerned before I started it but I feel the advantages outway the risks. Good luck Tabitha

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