Cimzia wk-0

Well...the HAH nurse came into my place of work this week and spent an hour and a half with me, during which I administered my first 2 loading injections of Cimzia. It was fairly uneventful : I chose my stomach, either side of my belly button (avoiding stretch marks!) I had a metallic taste in my mouth and my throat was a bit uncomfortable for a while. The injections stung a little but nothing too bad.

That was on Wednesday and I'm ok so far as regards to side effects etc. I don't know if it's just my imagination but I'm feeling slightly less's hoping for great things ☺

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  • Ooh good news, Moomin! Wishing you a symptom-free Christmas and New Year 🎅😀

    Ally x

  • That all sounds great to me, if ur getting stinging try slowing down a little or possibly let jab come out of fridge a little earlier, the colder it is the denser it is. Really admire you for going through this while holding down a job. Well done you!

  • I just started injecting biologics and feel better already, more like my old self. Feels good eh??!! Long may it continue! x

  • I really hope CIMZIA will work for you. It has enabled me to get back control over RA and my life. Any medication I take, I never think about side effects unless I notice a marked sudden change in my body or mind. All the very best.

  • That's good news hope it helps

  • Thats fab news im due to start benepali never heard of this befor i think its quite new i was on enbrel for 7 years but it stopped working as anyone else in the group used benepali would like to hear how its working thanks

  • Hi I'm on Benepali been on it since August and it's helped my RA ,I take it along side mtx and I don't feel as sore as I was but still get a lot off fatique, I was at a my specialist nurse last week and she said it's usually 6 months before you feel the full benefit

  • Thank you i just hope it works for me and i dont have any side affects will keep you updated x

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