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Does anyone get groin pain


I have got up at 3am this morning I am in so much pain in the groin does anyone else suffer with this X

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Gosh...thats unusual. I ve never had pain in the groin - hip and spin, yes..but not groin. Have you had it there before?

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Hi no I have heard this before I have had one before but not as painful just another area that has flares I only hope it does not go to my hands x

I have had it nurse said it’s all part of ra very painfull keep chin up mine lasted about week not had it for a while fingers crossed 🤞

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Hi I hope it does not last that long I will just rest today x

Sometimes hip problems are felt in the groin. Have you asked your GP to check your hips?

Hi, no I have not seem the GP yet as this started out of the blue around 4pm yesterday and got worse as the evening went on but I have taken a couple of tramadol (did not do anything) but around 4:30am I took one steroid tablet which seems to have made it. Lot better I hooe it does not last too long x

Hi love yes i have OA in lower spine and feel it in my hip and groin. But i have RD in joints in back and when they are inflamed the pain in groin is worse .hugsxx

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Hi keeta thanks for the reply I have RA I did not think you could get pain in the groin but you live and learn easing a little after steroid just going back to bed but painful trying to lift leg onto bed X

Helihex is right hip problems can cause groin pain I would get it checked out xxx

Hi thank you I will be going to GP tomorrow x

Hi I get groin pain I have AS even though it’s very well controlled I still get a lot of pelvic and groin pain . I have bilateral bursitis in the hips right side worse and probably due to late diagnosis I’d got some herniated lumbar discs so I imagine the inflammation is there at groin . Most annoying trying to abduct leg or getting out of a chair at times . Definitely talk to your doctor I found anti inflammatories don’t seem to help but as Orr referred pain from hip steroid injections do . 💐

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Hi thank you x


Yes I do. Its from my hips according to surgeon. I'm about to have a guided injection into hip.

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Hi good luck with it x

Yes, always right groin, intermittently, several months now , saw GP 3 days whom lead me on coach to examine by placing fingers on groin and me coughing few times.

Dismissed hernia : definitely RA. Advised paracetamol.

Hi the pain is on my left side paracetamol tramadol does not help I took 1 steroid tablet this morning which did help feels a lot better now still painful but can cope X

Hi again, yes, like yourself, the groin pain was waking me up during the night last week.

Yes I have suffered really bad with groin pain. Started in the right one and was diagnosed with OA in the right hip. Then it started in left groin and has been pure agony for the last couple of months. Saw Rheumy 3 weeks ago and sent for X-rays. Severe Osteoarthritis in both hips and recommended both hips to be replaced. See specialist next week. Not saying that you have the same but please have it seen to if just to put your mind at rest. It could get worse xx

I have sero positive RD . Can get acute inflammations in any joint on top of the general creaks. Have had sudden acute disabling groin pain twice now - lasts a few days. MRI shows no O/A there and when the pain stops I’m back to normal hip function. So it’s been put down to RD. Hopefully you’ll be better soon. The groin pain is very acute and very disabling- as bad as an acute slipped disc . Ruined a holiday this year.!

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Hi I am almost back to normal this morning just a slight ache in groin hope I do not get this again but will see GP as soon as I can X

Could it possibly be a cramp? I get really bad leg cramps at times.

Hi no it was not cramp I am sure x

Yes Tillie, I have had very bad groin pain at times. When I was only 16 years old I had it so badly that I ended up in hospital for investigations. They never found out what was wrong but looking back I think that I probably had RA as long ago as that but in a more minor way. At that time, it lasted for months and then just suddenly went. Then when I was 28 it started up again after I had a bout of glandular fever.

Now, I just get the occasional twinge there and it can be very painful at times. We have a lot of glands in our groins so I assume that they are what is causing the pain.

I hope yours eases off soon.

Hi reading your message I can remember when I was 15 I got terrible pains and was in hospital for investigations and they did not find anything funny what you forget but thank goodness it is better today I can move, thanks for the reply x

Yes, many times. It usually happens when I would lay down and muscles would stiffen up. After a good nights sleep it would leave me. I have not had it in years. But there were years when it happened often I

believe those were the years I was in school a

And under a lot of stress

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Thank you for the reply

I’m guessing this is inflammation inside the hip capsule. I also get it. I can’t sit upright on my hip and lying down seem to be the most accommodating position. So sorry! It’s pretty miserable. Hugs

Thank you for the reply x

I experienced groin pain before hip replacement and was told to put cushion between my definitely helped but a nuisance when turning in bed. Hope you’re improving and getting better sleep 💤

Thank you yes a lot better thoughtninwasngetting in on right side yesterday but thank goodness it went away x

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