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Starting leflunomide

Hi all,

After a year being on methotrexate and having a few flare ups and a terrible brain fog I’ve decided to try a new medication.

How have people found leflunomide? Did anyone get the brain fog on it?

Thanks in advance!

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I hello I have been on methotrexate injections for years and I did have brain fog , but started taking B12 and boots ginseng and gigoba im really alert now no brain fog wake up alert and never had brain fog again

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Do the vitamins from boots help? I have lost my alertness and forever wanting to sleep, b12 used to help years ago but not anymore- like I’m immune to that too now.

I have PA head to toe (psoriatic arthritis) and my left foot the main bone on the top that particular one has osteoarthritis the right foot main bone is catching up. Been on mtx on/off 20 years xxx


Yes they really worked for me I was surprised at how alert I was on waking up.while driving the lights used to go green and all the drivers in front of me were so slow to move off that the lights went red! I used to be so annoyed as I was wide awake


Ok thank you

Do you take any other vitamins?

As I know a couple we ‘not allowed’ to take x


Yes I have to take folic acid, slow release ferrous sulphate, welleoman 50, joint care glucosamine, collagen vitamin D calcium


I see my Rheumatologist dr on the 26th I will enquire, although I am sick to the back teeth of pills

Take far too many which include 4 pain killers!!

Regarding the leflunomide - I was on it for about 4-5 months no change so took them off me x


I changed to Lefunomide after six months on mtx and it has worked for me. It took about three months to kick in though.

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Hi Gemma,

I was on methotrexate and started leflunomide after 6 months in Jan 2015. I did have a lot of side effect as in below: -

1. Rashes on my hands and legs. Itchiness all over. I applied a lot of moisturiser and always just pat on the part that itch.

2. Mouth sores but not serious.

3. Pale skin until today. I am also on folic acid.

Above 1 and 2 went off after about 1 1/2 year of having leflunomide.

I also have below side effects until today, I believe it is due to methotrexate: -

1. Forgetfulness - I have only very short memory now. Always cannot remember what next to do.

2. Blur vision - I cannot do anything about this. My rheumy sent me to the eye specialist and she gave me only eye drop to apply. She told me that since I am on methotrexate, this is one of the side effect that I have to accept.

Beside the above 2, the rest of the side effects had gone already.

Above only my own experience and I hope they help.



Thanks everyone. We’ll see how they go!


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