Hi can anyone help i have been on methotrexate injections for a year now i started on 10 mg but had to go down to 7.5. I don't tolerate it very well and i have had to come off of it a few time due to infections and side affected. I had some more tests done in clinic a month ago and now they want me to go on Leflunomide. Can anyone tell me if this comes in injection form as my stomach does not tolerate pills, plus does it have the same side affect as methotrexate and has anyone benefited from changing from one to the other.

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  • Hi rose49. I too had to come off Methotrexate last year due to chest infection leading to pneumonia. I was also getting increased side effects with worsening nausea so was not unhappy to stop it. I was put on Leflunomide 10mgs last October and can honestly say that it is the easiest tablet to take and apart from loose and frequent bowel movements at the beginning which have now settled down I have not had any other side effects. It is so good not to feel sick anymore like I did on MTX. In my case it seemed to take a bit longer to start to work than I experienced with MTX but only a difference of a few weeks really. I am very happy with this drug and I hope it will be the same for you. As far as I know it is only given in tablet form.

  • Hi thanks that is so positive and makes me feel more reasured going forward.

  • Went on to Leflunomide two years ago after a period in hospital with RA probably due to the lack of control of methotrexate which I had been on for four years. After much discussion I went on Leflunomide with no side effects and excellent control. The only down side is if you have to come of the drug which is quiet a procedure but it is so easy one tablet a day and no more injections!!

    Best wishes


  • Thank you for that i feel more positive now.

  • I'm sorry you've had troubles on methotrexate. Unfortunately I don't think leflunomide is available in injection form but hopefully if your Rheumy is aware of your issues with tablets he'll have an idea what to do to help. As with any drug there are side effects listed but I think all you can do us be guided by your Rheumy, he must think it will help you to suggest it.

    I hope it's "the one" for you, you do well on it & notice a difference quickly.

  • Many thanks i will let you know how i get on.

  • I was on methotrexate for over two years and felt dreadful, a lot of gut problems. Took myself off it as I felt so bad, started on Leflunomide a daily tablet. Wow, feel like me again, no abdominal cramps, no feeling faint, no collapsing in shops. Yes I still get flare ups but in between great. Luckily no side effects, I know everyone is different but I would recommend it.

  • Thank you so much all these positive posts is making me feel a lot better. I will look forward to trying it.

  • Yes been on it two years mis and no side effects and fog me it really helps my swelling, good luck. Hope it's the one for you xxx

  • thanks

  • I've never heard of leflunomide coming in injection form. I tolerate it very well but then I tolerate MTX quite well too.

    What other meds have you tried ?

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