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Flicky thumbs. Result!,,,


Thankyou to all that replyed to me. I am pleased to say because of your valuable input I went to my gp this morning, and without hesitation he injected both of my thumbs ( after being told off for waiting too long ) . Time will tell wether it will be successful or not but I am hopeful. Thanks everyone what a fabulous group of people you all are.

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RESULT! well done Diddydriver...... I presume the pain disappeared immediately?

It's now anyone's guess if it will happen again.

I have gone years between episodes.....hope you are the same.

My thumbs are very stiff and joint won't move at all, but thumbs are straight, I'm hoping after a couple of days it will resolve it self.

If your thumb doesn't become mobile in24hrs, keep trying to mobilise it.....if no luck go back to your GP. I last had it about ten months ago .& my doctor wiggled my finger straight away & it was normal the next day.

Ask to be referred to a hand specialist ...GP's can get it wrong.

Thanks, will try to wriggle it and see what happens.

Result! I'm tickled pink your thumbs have had some proper attention at last.


Diddydriver in reply to Gnarli

Thankyou,much appreciate your reply.

I'm so pleased DD! There you go, hopefully they're easing off by now? x

I had a similar problem with my ring finger, it took a few weeks for my finger to be completely ok, now I have no problems with it. Do keep wiggling though!

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