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Baricitinib and Low Dose Naltrexone



Has anyone taken Baricitinib and if so, has it worked?

After being hospitalised for an infection due to using Cimzia for 5 years, I have been given the choice of having Rituximab or Baricitinib, and thinking of favouring Baricitinib as it is not a biological drug.

Also, I’ve been researching Low Dose Naltrexone which is supposed to work well for autoimmune without causing harm. Dr Chris Steele (of ITV This Morning fame) was trying to get a petition for the government get a clinical trial so the NHS could start using LDN as it’s a low cost drug which works and does no harm! If you are interested you can see his video on the web explaining LDN. Not sure what happened about the petition though .....

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Hi, I am about to start on baricitinib also known as Olumiant. I don’t want to disappoint you but I’m afraid it is a biological drug. I had retuximab 6 years ago but due to my immune system being basically destroyed by it never to recover I am due to start on Olumiant that’s if rheumy and immunology can talk to each other and get things moving. I have read that olumiant is seeming to be more effective in a lot of people so after 6 years no treatment I’m hoping for a miracle but not expecting one. Good luck in your choice but if you ask me taking a tablet every day instead of infusions every 3-6 months depending how you respond has got to be the way to go. Have to say though that some patients have had 3 years of ‘no problems’ with retuximab. I guess I was just unlucky. Good luck with your choice whatever you decide hope it works.

Ridgewaytwenty in reply to Leics

Sorry to hear about your immune system - I think these drugs have such horrible side effects and after my experience with Cimzia last I year, I don’t relish the thought of taking any of these drugs.

I spoke to a specialist doctor recently who told me that all autoimmune conditions start in the gut, I.e leaky gut, which in turn causes the immune problems, and the way forward is to heal the gut, go on a plant based diet with organic/grass fed meat (omitting all grains, sugar, dairy and processed food).

All the research I have done seems to say the same, and as I would rather try and heal naturally, I am giving this a go. I have changed my diet and am going to try cannabis oil, and keeping my fingers crossed and hoping and praying that I get some pain relief!

Hi - been on Baricitinib 4 mgs exactly 1 month. Perhaps too soon to say, as still having to pace myself every day. Walked 2 miles in countryside last Saturday, then found having to lie on sofa all day and evening Sunday. Or expecting too much, yet RA consultant said I'd feel like a new women !

I started baricitinib about 10 weeks ago. I only take half the recommended dose - 2mg instead of 4mg because I have another health condition that makes me prone to infections. Before I started the baricitinib my rheumy referred me to an immunologst for tests and consultation to see if he thought it was a more suitable drug for me to take rather than a DMARD (azathioprime) that he was also asked to consider. All other biologics are a no go for me. Early days yet, but so far so good as it is helping with my RA and I'm infection free so far.

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