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So I got the cast off


And right then I had a migraine and dizzy and nauseous and they called a code and the room filled with dr’s and nurses and wow, I felt like crap and was embarrassed. Finally went home and crawled into bed and slept all day. Talked to my rheumy. She thinks it’s time to switch to mtx injectables. Anyone have a thought on this?

Now I have a soft cast for 8 weeks Mom. and starting physio. And I’m just so tired and worn out.

Just sharing this. Good night.

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I use injections and they are easy to use.I believe you will get a metoject pen and it is so easy to use. They will probally say to put it in the top part of your leg and alternate between injections. Good luck.xxxxx

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Better than the pills?

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And thank you, Sylvie. ❤️🙏🏻❤️

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The injection is more concentrated

Most people seem to have fewer side effects with the injections of methotrexate. They are very easy and straightforward to do. When I was started on them, the nurse showed me the first time, then I did it under her supervision. You generally can have a lower dose by injection as it doesn't have to go through the absorption from your gut, through your liver etc.

I'm thrilled your cast is finally gone and walking like a human again. Obviously not medically trained but I found swapping to metoject worked wonders. I was getting awful nausea but that has lessened considerably. It sometimes means a drop in dose too so win-win. It's easy to do and I have found it painless. Hugs


Pleased your cast is off Jill but how you felt whilst there sounds grim. I hope you're feeling more like yourself now.

I've been injecting MTX for 8 years now after a year on tablets. I find it fine, obviously we all respond differently but I try to not arrange anything important on Thursdays (MTX day is Wednesday) as I feel a little more tired & less like eating so just snack really. Otherwise it's better than tablets, inject & you're done. I'm even more tired at the mo as I have as yet unexplained anaemia but usually it's only usually the one, maybe two days. It's certainly easily coped with, as long as MTX works for me.

I hope the physio goes well too & you're able to get back to normal walking soon.

It’s an attempt to heal it by not moving it at all. I have steroids if I want them but not for this. Had the cast 4 weeks and now this thing for 8. Then we’ll see. Still painful but not when I have the soft cast on. I’m willing to try it tho. Relief would be great. Podiatrist says 12-18 mos to see.

Starting pt in 2 weeks.

MTX injection - metoject - s easy to do and painless.

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