i have Rheumatoid Arthriti got clam esa

hello i just like ask some for a litte help i have Rheumatoid Arthritis for bout 2 years now i bin but lot pills to help with the pain i clame jsa but now thay wont me to clam esa iv have docror sick form to give jobs=center thay ask if im fit for work i said i dont no as i have good days and bad i told i cant lift much any more as i pay for it the next day tell i cant even much home (make sad as i use do all the jobs but cant now ) dont think thay no what ppl with Rheumatoid Arthritis go throw

i just wont no to clam esa to keep having go back to dortor to get sick note?

as the Rheumatoid Arthritis is not going go away

thank joe

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When you put a claim in for ESA you must telll them exactly how your RA effects the way your day to day living is effected, they don't bother about the name of your illnesses unfortunately but how it effects you.


thank for getting back to me i think you dont under stand when i say there i very good week but wave lot bad onesi move box at home hand swelling for days could even open hands iv shown the all my hospital lettes and how long in there the same all my doctor letters i try look work but jobcenter say amm fit for work i said i dont no as my meds dont all help me

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I'v just put in for a reclaim of ESA as my Osteoarthritis is worsening, I also have good & bad days, so far this afternoon, is a bad day.

You must go to your GP, explain your situation, how your feeling right now, how you feel on your bad days, what your struggling to do, & also let them know that the Jobcentre are putting pressure on you to find work, which you know that you will be unable to do physically.

You could also seek advice from Citizens Advice Bureau, they should be able to help you.

Good Luck


the thing is the jobcenter no i have took time of befor i was put no some new drugs 3 weeks in i got very bad cold and was told come all meds when the cold was gone i restart new meds and thay was not working the jobcenter could see how much pain was in when back to doctor and told about it thay have gave sick note for month that were stand at mo igot ring to start esa tomorrow not looking forwould to it(


It will be less stressful applying for ESA by phone, than having to fill the form in yourself. Although, the waiting on the phone & listening to the same tune over & over again, can be tedious. What I do while waiting to speak to someone, I make myself a drink, sit down on my comfy sofa, internet on, & do what I need to do online, past the time away while waiting.

Try not to stress too much. When you do get to speak to someone, they are very understanding & very patient.

Good Luck


Please .Joe go to the Citizens Advice will find the address in the phone book or on line.

They will have some one to explain your situation to the Job Centre & will be able to help you fill in any necessary forms.

The Job Centre can't help,you unless the forms are filled in.


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