i have an off topic question

i live here in new jersey and i know most of the folks who chat here r in the uk

great britian and i was asking about cowboy boots in my last thread..i was wondering that english cowboy boots look like..this is just out of curiosity for

myself.i heard they have line dancing over there and it got me interested.so

anyone who is into cowboy boots care to respond?thanks


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  • Well the ones I used to have had a smallish heel, pointy toe, wide leg about 2/3rds up to knee. and curly lines decorating the sides. But I guess there are different kinds.

  • what brand r these?


  • Mine were similar and I got them in Moda in Pelle, which is UK chain of shoe shops.

  • hi

    which brand r they?


  • Moda in Pelle

  • ok thanks..


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