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Off to see the rheumy

I don't want to go. I don't want to try another med and feel the same. I'm afraid. I'm sore and tired and nauseous, and I don't want to play this game any more. I wish I could just stop. I have a list to take with me, but I'm pretty sure she'll look at my hands and my knees and say 'nope, that's not working'. I couldn't get out to get my bloods done, though I've been trying all week. It's cooler today, but it feels like rain. I feel like I can't win. *sigh*

Okay, whining done. On with the day, I suppose.

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I'm at home feeling sorry for myself too. 😔

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Hang in there Bats and stand up for yourself. Cheers Doreen


You've just articulated what I feel like a lot of the time. Wouldnt it be good to say - I'm fed up with this can we just forget it?


You only have to remove the 'h' from whine, and you're wining. One tiny step more and you are winning! I do hope they get the right cocktail of drugs for you. You certainly don't sound as if your RD is under control.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes. J xxx


I agree with everyone here Bats - hang in there and there's still lots you haven't tried med wise. I read of many who have been through similar and get to try one of the anti tnf drugs and bingo. I'm really hoping that whatever your rheumy suggests it proves to be the magic remedy you need at last. X


*cussing deleted* Okay, so she said that I seem to have less swelling in my hands. Erm...really? I understand that pain isn't necessarily an indicator of disease activity, does this mean days when I can't walk are my new status quo? I'm staying on the leflunomide, upping the mtx a little bit, getting blood tests every month. I'll see her again in six weeks. I'm not hopeful today. I'm angry and frustrated, but there's no point in whining any more than I have. Perhaps I'll have some wine instead, and that sounds like a winning proposition to me!



Hi Bats, I haven't been on here for a while . I have been feeling pretty rubbish for a long time. I have now been put on Leftflunomide. All I can say is that it makes me feel ten times worse. I have to try this one before they will consider the Biologics .

I feel the same as you Bats. When will it all end??

Oh well time to get up. Happy Saturday.😀😀

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I hear you Bats! I think I'm headed into a nasty flare at the moment...or worse, the Hydroxy isn't doing it's job any longer. Either way, I hurt, I'm fed up, and I want to know why things can't just go back to the way they were before all of this?? And I feel like such a whiner, because I've only been dx'd for a year. I have such heart felt sympathies for those on this forum that have been struggling with this disease for many, many years. But it is great to have somewhere to whine where I'm understood. :-)


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