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Well everyone, as you know from previous blog i have been doing as i am told. Went up to bed before 9.00pm so i could get settled before hawaii 5,O started. While i was in bed watching the tv,my knees got very hot and are very sore. My hands are no better,my right eye is tender as well. My chest is giving me stick as well. Gave up just after 3am and came downstairs. So here i am blogging again so soon after i had blogged telling you all how i feel.

I wonder what i have to do to get better than i am at the moment. If i rest i suffer and if i don't i suffer,i don't get it. I have OT this morning for my hands,so i'll see what she has to say,i am also seeing the shrink so i will have a chat with her as well to see what relaxation i can do to help me.

So here i am at this ungodly hour wondering what to write that will give you all something to smile about. Well hawaii 5o was great loved mcgarret i wouldn't kick him out of bed,he's a bit of alright,then at 10pm you have ncis,la where you have callan and co, running around la shooting bad guys and sorting the world out,wish they could it with my world at the moment!!

Well my friends, i am now in my recliner with my snuggle on and i think i will try and get some sleep, so hight night.

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Hi Sylvi,

Hope you did manage to get some rest and are now up & off to OT. It does seem as if you've got into a bad place especially if not getting any relief from rest or from activity. To me it sounds as if you need a bit of a boost to get over the last of the post viral fatigue - perhaps it's time for a different hair colour & a day out? Px


hair being done friday.xx


Hello Sylvi, can you take any additional pain killers or antiinflammatories. I really feel for you, you can't sleep for pain, you can't move and you can't rest. I so hope you feel better soon.


Hi, Glad your trying to get some rest. I agree TV is so boring when you are feeling poorly! I get very fed up of daytime tv, but at the same time grateful for the "company" when I cannot walk so well. Chin up!! Thinking of you.



Sylvie luv, Have you ever taken a sleeping aid, like Ambien here , I don't know what it would be called there. Supposed to be non addictive, can be used for a few months, as I understand. It helps reset your internal clock so that you can have regular bed times and waking times develope. Your GP would know. I know many who take it regularly, I have used it for a short time, following back surgeries. Sleep is so important, as that is when your brain releases the chemicals you need during the day, but you have to get into deep sleep to get those benefits. Good luck, we have to get you settled , and sorted :)


Hello loretta, its not a sleeping pill i need, i have more antibiotics as i have another chest infection. Loretta i could cry i am that fed up with being ill. Another 7days of pills to hopefully clear it up.

Sorry i don't have better news.

hope your well,



OMG! I had no clue you had another infection! But you do still need to sleep better, to get better. I think I would be insisting on some sleep aid!

Apparantly, resting of itself hasn't been the answer, could you call your GP and ask him to order something for sleep?

Wish I could bring you some home-made chicken noodle soup, that would fix you right up! You know I sure do hope you get to feeling better. Love, Loret


hi there

most are really struggle with getting proper quality rest which could help my arthritis. In the end I decided to invest in a temper mattress, and I've got to say it's the best thing I ever did. Because it's different from a normal bed and supports all of your major joints for the first time in my life I can actually get comfortable. I sleep much better too but the main thing isI get to properly relax. This means less muscle spasms, less swelling, and a huge amount of pain relief. Those websites where you can get the tax back if you can prove that you're buying a temper mattress for long-term condition. I know that they're really expensive, are used up 18 months worth of dla to buy mine, and it's the best investment I've ever had.

Good luck



Please excuse the typos, I'm using voice activated typing which can be quite hilarious (and completely nonsensical)


I have an electric bed and a stairlift and they cost us a fortune. I have another chest infection less than a month since my last one. It gets me down being ill all the time. hope your ok? sylvi.xx


dont let it get you down silvi

we all know its hard and all we can do smile and not let it sound like a strong minded lady and i know you can get through this bad time

chin up girl

dont let the b*****ds grind you down


Hi Sylvie,

Sorry to hear you have yet another infection, you are having a difficult old time of it, nothing worse for you than lack of sleep. I think perhaps as a previous person said, it is time to talk about sleep aid, as I am sure this much lack of sleep will get you down. Maybe discuss this particular issue with your GP, as I think even with a chest infection and anti biots you should be getting some regular R & R.

Hopefully tnite will be better.

XX Gina.


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