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Itchy spots


I have RA and sjorgens. I have methotrexate 17.5 by injection.

The last two weeks I have spots looking like small bites. They are on my face, neck arms thigh in fact anywhere. They itch so much and keep me awake at night. They are driving me mad. I try hard not to scratch or rub them. I have been using E45 itch relief but without much success. Just don’t know what is causing these bite like spots. Anyone else had this problem?

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See your Reumatologist asap and show him/her the spots. It could be a number of things including Rheumatoid Vasculitis. Best wishes. XXX

Not sure where you are but with current temperatures it could be heat rash. But please see your GP or phone rheumatology help line.

I don’t think it is a heat rash, it is not a rash but individual spots that just appear anywhere.

If I can get past the receptionist I will try and see a doctor. The trouble is they always ask what the problem is, my chances will be nil if I say I have got itchy spots!!

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If you say you have only been on mtx a little while and have developed a rash then you should get an appointment.

I’m on methotrexate pill form. I do breakout more since on it but not quite like that. Did you get a pamphlet with side effects listed? If rash is listed, check with doctor or pharmacist. They might be able to provide you with something to relieve the itching.

Thank you for the replies. There was actually an article in the Telegraph today bout itchy spots. Must be quite common t the moment. Maybe it is.a Heat “ rash” !

I have had lots of small itchy spots - mine are bites from mosquitoes!

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